PINE CREEK-HUR NEWS - Hot News Delayed (1930-40)

From early newspapers: Chronicle/Grantsville News

Newt Wolverton was in our community last week selling fruit trees.

Aunt Laney Sturm on Hur was visiting Mrs. Ivy Gainer and Mrs. R. A. Jarvis the first of the week.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCoy of Pine Creek on September 3rd and left them a little six pound girl Bernita Meryl.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weaver were visiting in Grantsville this week.

Corn planting is the order of the day.

Some folks from this place attended the funeral of Mrs. Jim Bryner who was buried at Joker.

Some of the Hope men were doing some work on Pine Creek this week.

Homer Hayhurst of Lemuel's Run spent Thursday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Gainer.

Mrs. Myrtle Weaver was shopping at the A & P Store in Grantsville.

People in the community were sorry to hear of the death of Rosa Craddock. She was a faithful Christian from childhood and good wife and mother.

Lets all come out to the Lord's house instead of going to parties this week.

Some people have no time for God.

Jimmy Keeney helped Eugene Reynolds build fence. Busy people around here.