Moments in Time

05/03/2007Scott-McCoy Family Members
11/11/2002Nicholas Co. may have "Oldest Citizen" in 1899
11/10/2002Bennett Family Responds to Gossip in 1900
11/09/2002Franchise Let for Grantsville Gas in 1898
11/08/2002New Resort Envisioned for County in 1898
11/07/2002Ohio Valley Flood Loss $163,000,000 in 1913
11/06/2002"Jug and Egg Tale" Reported in 1897
11/05/2002Donations Listed for Brooks Family in 1949
11/03/2002Creed Brooks Home Burns - Donations Sought in 1949
11/02/2002Shooting Reported in Wirt County in 1897
10/31/2002Misdiagnosis Draws Editor's Wrath in 1900
10/30/2002Old Issue of Chronicle Surfaces in 1914
10/29/2002Laughlin Suicide Details Reported in 1920
10/28/2002Bootlegger Suicides in Ripley Jail in 1920
10/27/2002Return of Spelling Bees Advocated in 1915
10/26/2002Bootlegging Thrives During Court in 1911
10/25/2002Dr. Dye's House Burns in 1897
10/23/2002Former Resident Missing in Ohio in 1915
10/22/2002Confederate Vets Attempt to Organize in 1898
10/21/2002Confederate Vets Answer the Call in 1897
10/20/2002Call Goes Out to Confederate Vets in 1897
10/18/2002Couple Badly Burned at Industry in 1911
10/17/2002Shooting at Mt. Zion on Christmas Eve in 1914
10/16/2002Boatman Sustains Serious Injuries in 1920
10/14/2002Old Stump Home Torn Down in 1920
10/13/2002Old Obituary Found in Ledger in 1969
10/12/2002Mother Committed to Insane Asylum in 1914
10/10/2002Stutler Youth Loses Eye in 1901
10/08/2002Block Factory Planned for Grantsville in 1920
10/07/2002Editor Barr Alleges Assault in 1900
10/06/2002Alleged Store Robber in Jail in 1914
10/05/2002Chronicle Changes Format in 1901
10/04/2002Godfrey Cabot Acquires Carbon Black in 1913
10/03/2002Production Up at Carbon Black in 1900
10/02/2002Carbon Plant Reports Production in 1900
09/30/2002Wiant & Barr Changes Hands in 1914
09/29/2002Mother Burns Child to Death in 1901
09/28/2002Serious Accident at Cabot Black in 1913
09/26/2002Cabot Acquiring Land Below Town in 1900
09/25/2002Jake Bennett Constructing New Boat in 1901
09/24/2002Early History of Oil & Gas Remembered in 1913
09/23/2002Couple Drown at Creston in 1914
09/22/2002Liberty Hill School Remembered in 1969
09/21/2002Movement to Establish Bank Underway in 1899
09/20/2002New Legion Post Elects Officers in 1920
09/19/2002Sheriff's Barn Burns in 1913
09/17/2002American Legion Post Organized in 1920
09/16/2002Casey Jones Busy "Scratching Gravel" in 1913
09/15/2002Calhoun Soldier Writes his Sister in 1899
09/14/2002Child Rescued from LK River in 1897
09/12/20021919 Fire Recalled in 1966
09/10/2002Calhoun County Bank Opens for Business in 1901
09/09/2002Cabot Factory Construction Progresses in 1899
09/08/2002Ritchie Dog Exhibits Strange Behavior in 1897
09/07/2002Former Convict Killed in Philippines in 1901
09/05/2002Stonewall Jackson Death Recalled in 1914
09/04/2002Carbon Black Paying $1.25 to $2.00 a Day in 1900
09/03/2002Huge Snake Killed on Sycamore in 1897
09/02/2002Sistersville a Boom Town in 1914
09/01/2002Youth Drowns in Steer Creek in 1913
08/31/2002Soldier Home From the Front in 1901
08/29/2002Services Held for Calhoun Soldier in 1966
08/28/2002Stump Hotel has First Player-Piano in 1914
08/27/2002Woofter Gives Geography Lesson in 1971
08/25/2002Monument to be Dedicated for Pioneer in 1914
08/24/2002Quake Puts Atty. Stevenson out Window in 1897
08/23/2002Boston-on-Kanawha vs. Cabot Station in 1900
08/22/2002A Bit of Country Humor from 1898
08/21/2002Record Flood Hits L-K Valley in 1939
08/20/2002Cabot To Build Factories Below Town in 1899
08/19/2002Freedom Short-Lived for Prison Escapees in 1914
08/18/2002Calhoun "Lifer" Escapes from Pen in 1914
08/17/2002Plucky Girl Thwarts Robbery Attempt in 1913
08/15/2002March Exits Like a Lion (Part VI) in 1913
08/14/2002March Exits Like a Lion (Part V) in 1913
08/13/2002March Exits Like a Lion (Part IV) in 1913
08/11/2002March Exits Like a Lion (Part II) in 1913
08/10/2002March Exits Like a Lion (Part I) in 1913
08/09/2002Woofter's Writings - White Pine Flood - 1943
08/08/2002Family Beset by Tragedies in 1910
08/07/2002Huge Snake Reportedly Killed in 1913
08/06/2002Boat Sinks and is Raised in 1912
08/05/2002Woofter's Writings - Letherbark & Nicut
08/04/2002Huge Snake Sighted in 1900
08/03/2002Steer Creek Boats Recalled in 1970
08/01/2002Calhoun Soldier Writes Home in 1900
07/31/2002Smith's Stolen Goods Recovered in 1899
07/30/2002Marriage on Hold for 50 Years - from 1969
07/29/2002Clark Gunn Drowns at Altizer in 1900
07/28/2002Two LK Riverboats Burn in 1920
07/27/2002Apple Farm Remembered (Part II) in 1968
07/26/2002Apple Farm Remembered (Part I) in 1968
07/25/2002W.W. Bailey Retells Mike Fink Legend in 1967
07/24/2002Riverboat May "Run on Heavy Dew" in 1909
07/23/2002Child Reportedly Killed at Richardson in 1898
07/22/2002Chronicle Under New Ownership in 1900
07/21/2002Huge Deed of Trust being Recorded in 1907
07/20/2002Record-Breaking Cold Reported in 1899
07/19/2002Opening Near for New Hotel in 1921
07/18/2002Suspected Horse Thief Arrested in 1907
07/17/2002Student Makes Amazing Progress in 1921
07/16/2002Editor Barr Defends Quarantine in 1900
07/15/2002Sam Sheppard Sentenced to Hang in 1900
07/14/2002Youth Loses Arm in Horrible Accident in 1899
07/13/2002Calhoun Hospitality Victim of Quarantine in 1900
07/12/2002Officers to Enforce Quarantine in 1900
07/10/2002Riverboat "Acme" Damaged by Fire in 1911
07/09/2002"Kanawha" Stranded at Parkersburg in 1900
07/08/2002Murderer of Calhouner Gets 12 Years in 1910
07/07/2002Goods Recovered, Two Arrested in 1898 Burglary
07/06/2002Smith Store Burglarized in 1898
07/04/2002Freak Accident Claims Life of Nobe Child in 1899
07/03/2002Soldier Dies of Smallpox in Philippines in 1899
07/02/2002Editor Barr Attempts to Dispel Rumors in 1900
07/01/2002Calhoun Native Killed in Akron in 1919
06/30/2002Injunction Halts High School Progress in 1915
06/29/2002Carbon Black Construction Underway in 1899
06/28/2002Richardson Infant Killed by Rats in 1897
06/27/2002Former Resident Murdered in 1899
06/26/2002Former Resident Escapes Freezing in 1936
06/25/2002Numerous Typhoid Cases Reported in 1898
06/24/2002Dr. Dye Nearly Perishes from Exposure in 1900
06/23/2002New Hotel Nears Completion in 1921
06/22/2002Jail Break Escapee at Large in 1899
06/21/2002Waters of Steer Creek Claim a Life in 1915
06/20/2002Clayton Stump Gets "Mail Order Bride" in 1897
06/19/2002Conventions to Nominate CHS Board Candidates in 1915
06/18/2002Calhoun Attorney "Snubbed" at Spencer in 1899
06/17/2002Opposition Groups Remain Active in 1915
06/16/2002High School Site to be Selected in 1915
06/15/2002Struggle Begins Over High School Site in 1915
06/14/2002Calhoun Votes on Creating High School in 1915
06/13/2002Weather Prophet Dishonored in 1899
06/11/2002Plans for Chinese Laundry Hit a Snag in 1901
06/10/2002Injunction Filed Over High School in 1915
06/09/2002Plans for Laundry Abandoned in 1901
06/09/2002Civil War Folklore Retold in 1899
06/08/2002Editor Defends Indictees in 1911
06/07/2002Enon Church Experiences Supernatural in 1899
06/06/2002State Road Commission Criticized in 1941
06/05/2002Large Wool Shipment Goes Out by Boat in 1915
06/04/2002The Earth Shakes in Calhoun in 1897
06/03/2002Constitutional Rights Violation Questioned in 1899
06/02/2002Steer Creek to Get Riverboat in 1911
06/01/2002Murder Accessory Returns to Calhoun in 1899
05/31/2002Ritchie Man Disappears in Calhoun in 1898
05/30/2002Barge Sinks Below Leachtown in 1911
05/29/2002Redmen Case to Come to Trial in 1911
05/28/2002New Hotel Ready for Furnishings in 1921
05/27/2002Calhoun Soldier's Remains Come Home in 1921
05/26/2002Lot Purchased for New Hotel in 1920
05/25/2002Ben Huffman Meets Travel Challenge in 1915
05/24/2002Norm Williams Adds Wheel to Batteau in 1897
05/23/2002Town Sergeant Criticized by Editor in 1898
05/22/2002Stump Hotel Closes, Hotels Needed in 1919
05/21/2002Convicted Bootlegger Flies the Coop in 1915
05/20/2002Civil War Veteran in Court in 1911
05/19/2002Preacher Nearly Drowns at Creston in 1897
05/18/2002Murder Charges Unfounded, Woman Released in 1915
05/17/2002New Riverboat Added to LK Fleet in 1901
05/16/2002Gun Accident Probably Fatal in 1897
05/15/2002"Bird" Bell Takes Invigorating Stroll in 1898
05/14/2002Former Resident Murdered in Roanoke in 1910
05/13/2002M.W. Stout Sets Fine Example in 1898
05/12/2002Founding Father of Richardson Dead in 1915
05/11/2002Pete Hicks Victim of Burglars in 1897
05/10/2002Bootlegger Confesses, Receives Sentence in 1911
05/09/2002Burglars Utilize Church Services in 1898
05/08/2002Politics Invades School Board in 1941
05/07/2002Fiery Conflagration at Brooksville in 1915
05/06/2002Tragedy Befalls Former Resident in 1897
05/05/2002No Suspects in Westfall Robbery in 1897
05/04/2002Editor Barr Takes a Trip in 1898
05/03/2002Brooksville Altercation Injures Two in 1907
05/02/2002Grisly Murders in Jackson County in 1897
05/01/2002Calhoun Soldier's Remains Returned in 1949
04/30/2002LK Boatbuilders are Busy in 1906
04/29/2002Grantsville Ford Proves a Hazard in 1897
04/28/2002Holly Griffith Trial Postponed in 1921
04/27/2002Griffith to be Tried for Third Murder in 1921
04/26/2002Norm Williams Builds Another Boat in 1906
04/25/2002Griffith in Headlines Again in 1921
04/24/2002Griffith Sentenced in Lewis' Death in 1921
04/23/2002Griffith's Murder Trial Delayed in 1921
04/22/2002Griffith Captured - Tells His Tale in 1921
04/21/2002Holly Griffith Sightings Abound in 1921
04/20/2002Griffith Continues to Avoid Capture in 1921
04/19/2002Holly Griffith Escapes Penitentiary in 1921
04/18/2002Editor Advocates Hickory Switches in 1907
04/17/2002Holly Griffith Sentenced to Life in 1915
04/16/2002Bullwheel Crushes Oil Field Worker in 1915
04/15/2002Griffith to be Tried for Murder in 1915
04/14/2002Holly Griffith's Luck Runs Out in 1915
04/13/2002Holly Griffith Remains at Large in 1915
04/12/2002Griffith Kills Gassaway Police Chief in 1915
04/11/2002Goff's Wounds Prove Fatal in 1915
04/10/2002Holly Griffith Formidable Adversary in 1915
04/09/2002Wirt Officer Believed Fatally Shot in 1915
04/08/2002Students Brighten Up the Town in 1931
04/07/2002Grantsville Streets in Disrepair in 1921
04/06/2002Local Bank Books Examined in 1901
04/05/2002"Return" Returns to the LK in 1921
04/04/2002Absolum Huffman Builds Conveyance in 1907
04/03/2002Aged Irishman is Hale and Hearty in 1921
04/02/2002Warrants Abound Over Liquor Sales in 1901
04/01/2002Elk & LK RR to Extend Line in 1911
03/31/2002Plans for Chinese Laundry Changed in 1901
03/30/2002Chronicle Changes Its Format in 1911
03/29/2002Robbery Earns Pair Seven Years in 1931
03/28/2002Calhoun Aids National Defense in 1941
03/27/2002"Monied Interests" Consider Investing in 1901
03/26/2002Fine Home Goes Up at Minnora in 1911
03/25/2002Williams Adds Boat to River Traffic in 1921
03/24/2002Infant's Death Rumored Infanticide in 1901
03/23/2002Creston and Back in a Day Envisioned in 1901
03/22/2002Round of Fist-a-cuffs Injures One in 1907
03/21/2002Grantsville Experiences Water Shortage in 1931
03/20/2002Attempted Robbery Results in Beating in 1901
03/19/2002Timbering Accident Costs Man His Leg in 1911
03/18/2002Hur Resident Shot in Clay Co. in 1901
03/17/2002Gunshot Wound Believed Fatal in 1901
03/16/2002Riverboat Travel Proves Unreliable in 1911
03/15/2002Editor is Bridge Advocate in 1901
03/14/2002County to get Full Time Health Nurse in 1931
03/13/2002Wedded Bliss Elusive for Local Couple in 1901
03/12/2002Can You Top This?? - From 1909
03/11/2002Lower Nicut Church to be Dedicated in 1921
03/10/2002"Paul S" Makes Maiden Voyage in 1911
03/09/2002Work to Begin on Windmill Tower in 1907
03/08/2002Contractor Sought for Cherry Fork Church in 1901
03/07/2002Brooksville Cracks Down on Speakeasy in 1901
03/06/2002Tragedy Averted in Highway Collision in 1901
03/05/2002"Old Soldier" Goes to His Reward in 1911
03/04/2002New Riverboat to be Put in Service in 1921
03/03/2002Stump Hotel Policy Clarified in 1907
03/02/2002Riverboat Captain Suffers Painful Injury in 1921
03/01/2002Succession to U.S. Presidency from 1901
02/28/2002Early Settlers Recognized in 1909
02/27/2002Timberman Injured in Freak Accident in 1911
02/26/2002Food Poisoning Death Suspected in 1921
02/25/2002Thanksgiving Social Event Reported in 1901
02/24/2002Progressive Farmer Builds Windmill in 1909
02/23/2002Child Loses Life in Terrible Accident in 1909
02/22/2002Liberty Hill School Remembered in 1969
02/22/2002Smallpox Feared at Arnoldsburg in 1901
02/21/2002Obituary Has Genealogical Info in 1941
02/20/2002Protest and Correction over Basketball in 1931
02/19/2002Calhoun and Wood Counties at Odds in 1941
02/18/2002Legal Loophole Utilized in 1901
02/17/2002Veteran Loses War Memorabilia in 1921
02/16/2002Newcomer Perpetrates Swindle in 1901
02/15/2002Riverboat Explodes and Burns on LK in 1901
02/14/2002Tax Time Necessitates River Travel in 1921
02/13/2002Theater Opens in Grantsville in 1921
02/12/2002Mad Dog Pursued by Citizenry in 1910
02/11/2002Two Injured in Wease Ridge Accident in 1906
02/10/2002Catalpas Come to Calhoun in 1911
02/09/2002Editor Wants a Hospital in 1921
02/08/2002"Pete" the Barber Takes a Vacation in 1901
02/07/2002Public Service Inconveniences Many in 1911
02/06/2002Daniel Deweese Preparing Memoirs in 1901
02/05/2002Hall and Haught "At Head of Class" in 1931
02/04/2002Hope Gas Adds to Cabot Station in 1921
02/03/2002Youth Drowns in LK in 1911
02/01/2002County's Division Impedes Progress in 1907
01/31/2002Fall from Riverboat Results in Drowning in 1911
01/30/2002Opinions Differ on "Smallpox" Diagnosis in 1901
01/29/2002Riverboat Adds Electric Generator in 1921
01/28/2002Speakeasy Raided at Brooksville in 1901
01/27/2002Lawsuit Fails to Materialize in 1921
01/26/2002Republicans Criticized by Editor in 1910
01/25/2002Beginning Driver Damages New Car in 1931
01/24/2002Burnsville Beset by Tragedies in 1910
01/23/2002Timbering Accident Results in Death in 1907
01/22/2002Mail Carrier Tangles with Wild Cat in 1911
01/21/2002Elderly Couple Robbed in 1901
01/20/2002Accident Reflects Changing Times in 1921
01/19/2002Local Boy Drowns in LK in 1921
01/18/2002Woman Makes Curious Suicide Attempt in 1911
01/17/2002Tortoise May have Link to Early Settlers - 1901
01/16/2002LK Yields Huge Fish in 1901
01/15/2002Richardson Physician Loses Leg in 1921
01/14/2002Chenoweth Store on Nicut Robbed in 1931
01/13/2002Farm Lost by Not Taking Chronicle in 1911
01/12/2002Man Loses Leg in Horrible Accident in 1941
01/11/2002Accidental Shooting Claims Life in 1921
01/10/2002WW I Casualty Laid to Rest in 1921
12/26/2001Lee District Deals with Smallpox in 1901
12/25/2001Ora Collins Killed by Lightning in 1906
12/24/2001Super-Service Expands Business in 1941
12/23/2001Former Resident Remembers Grantsville in 1931
12/22/2001Riverboat "Return" Burns on the LK in 1921
12/20/2001Drought Followed by Flood in 1911
12/19/2001Library has Beginnings in 1901
12/18/2001Wirt Court House Believed Torched in 1910
12/17/2001Rt. 5 Improvements Sub-contracted in 1936
12/16/2001NYA Building Nearly Complete in 1941
12/15/2001Orma Woman Seriously Injured in 1931
12/14/2001Baptist Church Remodeling Planned in 1921
12/13/2001Cupid Suffers Serious Setback in 1911
12/12/2001Smallpox Epidemic Feared in 1901
12/11/2001Chronicle Crusades for Unemployed in 1941
12/10/2001Supreme Court Rules on Road Case in 1931
12/09/2001Brick High School Planned in 1921
12/08/2001Mail Carrier to Face Federal Charges in 1911
12/07/2001Child Sustains Serious Accidental Cut in 1901
12/06/2001"Doc" Smith's Drugstore to Open in 1941
12/05/2001Store Goods and Cash Taken in Burglary in 1931
12/04/2001Moonshine Trade Investigated in 1921
12/03/2001Yankee Ingenuity Saves the Day in 1911
12/02/2001Eldery Citizen Foils Robbery Attempt in 1901
12/01/2001Child's Fall from Auto Fatal in 1941
11/30/2001Hope Exhibits Christmas Spirit in 1931
11/29/2001Jailbreak Fugitive Remains at Large in 1921
11/27/2001Big Springs Explosion Kills Two in 1901
11/26/2001Freak Accident at CHS Ends Well in 1941
11/25/2001Seedling Plum Produces Delectable Fruit in 1931
11/24/2001Man Perishes in Home Fire in 1921
11/23/2001Calhoun and Wirt Plagued by Robberies in 1911
11/22/2001Smallpox Epidemic Feared in 1901
11/21/2001Editor Supports New Court House Levy in 1941
11/20/2001Serious Accidents Reported at Orma in 1931
11/19/2001North Grantsville Development Planned in 1921
11/18/2001Editor Reflects on Suicide Methods in 1911
11/17/2001Dog Poisoned in Owner's Yard in 1901
11/16/2001Hoover's Depression Overalls Described in 1931
11/15/2001Bridge Planned to North Grantsville in 1921
11/14/2001Explosion on Yellow Creek in 1911
11/13/2001Editor Advocates Public Flogging in 1901
11/12/2001Motion Picture Fare From 1921
11/11/2001And This Ain't No Bull from 1901
11/10/2001Pump Station Explodes at Smithville in 1911
11/09/2001Brooksville Speakeasies Targeted in 1901
11/08/2001Snakes Alive! A Snake Tale from 1907
11/07/2001First Soldier's Remains Come Home in 1921
11/06/2001Jay Frederick has Transportation Crisis in 1901
11/05/2001Apple Farm a Thriving Community in 1911
11/04/2001Cloudburst Washes Out Carters' Store in 1907
11/03/2001"Crow" Stump Ribbed by Editor in 1921
11/02/2001The Year Without Summer Remembered in 1911
11/01/2001Editor and Foreman Victims of Pranks in 1894
10/31/2001Calhoun Eggs Arrive in Parkersburg in 1911
10/30/2001Gubernatorial Candidate to Visit Here in 1907
10/29/2001Editor Pokes Fun at Embarassed Barber in 1910
10/28/2001Halloween Prank Averted by Sheriff in 1906
10/27/2001Diseases Run Rampant on Yellow Creek in 1907
10/26/2001Newborn's Body Found in Oil Tank in 1910
10/25/2001Student Writes WPA Poem in 1936
10/24/2001NYA and WPA List Employees in 1936
10/23/2001Two Yellow Creek Shootings in 1901
10/22/2001Mashin' in the Mud Saves Man's Life in 1901
10/21/2001Government Program Benefits Schools in 1936
10/20/2001Log Boom Construction Planned in 1901
10/19/2001Bull River Known as Stringtown in 1901
10/18/2001Chronicle Defends Local Merchant in 1901
10/17/2001Father Sued by Ungrateful Son in 1909
10/16/2001Chinese Laundry Planned for Grantsville in 1901
10/15/2001Cabot Enlarges Carbon Black Factory in 1901
10/14/2001Bear Fork to be Timbered in 1909
10/13/2001Fugitive Caught in Detroit in 1931
10/12/2001Supreme Court Frees Local Attorney in 1901
10/11/2001High School Cornerstone Laid in 1921
10/10/2001Murder Trial has Calhoun Connection in 1901
10/08/2001Charter Shaffer, Calhoun Patriot - Early 1940's
10/07/2001Citizen Dies in Quarry Accident in 1931
10/06/2001Bickel Well Vandalized in 1907
10/05/2001Cabot Continues to Invest in Calhoun in 1936
10/04/2001Bank Appoints New Assistant Cashier in 1902
10/03/2001County's First School Bus Accident in 1936
10/02/2001Family Destitute Following House Fire in 1907
10/01/2001Fire Destroys Blizzard Home in 1896
09/30/2001Fight Results in Knife Wounds in 1909
09/29/2001Math Brainteaser from 1907
09/28/2001Dog Thieves on the Loose in 1909
09/26/2001Depression Project Improves Grantsville in 1936
09/25/2001Staves Await Transport in 1909
09/24/2001Twisted Tale of a Rubber Check from 1931
09/23/2001Creston Rebounds from Fire in 1919
09/22/2001Legion Auxiliary Seeks Clock Funds in 1951
09/21/2001Grantsville Continues to Grow in 1902
09/20/2001Rep. Kenney Works for Improvements in 1907
09/19/2001Bank of Grantsville Purchases Lot in 1907
09/18/2001Grantsville Gets New Switchboard in 1919
09/17/2001Freed Destroyed by Fire in 1933
09/16/2001Burrows Family Welcomes a "Whopper" in 1907
09/15/2001Worthless Note Makes the Circuit in 1909
09/14/2001CCC Works on Forestation Project in 1936
09/12/2001Ray Waldo Learns a Lesson in 1931
09/11/2001Grantsville Recovers From Fire in 1919
09/10/2001First Boy Scout Troop Organized in 1931
09/09/2001Ne'er-Do-Wells a Plenty in 1894-1897
09/08/2001Cabot's Creston Factory Expanding in 1909
09/07/2001Murder has Calhoun Connection in 1909
09/06/2001County Engineer Dies in Accident in 1919
09/05/2001Depression Work Program Helps Schools in 1936
09/04/2001Big Springs Correspondent Turns Poet in 1910
09/03/2001Aged Veteran Remembers Civil War in 1931
09/02/2001Grantsville Loses Ferry Service in 1910
09/01/2001Authorities Investigate Murder in 1936
08/31/2001Prisoners Escape Jail in 1919
08/30/2001Grantsville Gets New Building in 1907
08/29/2001Murderer of Calhoun Native Sentenced in 1931
08/28/2001Steer Creek Hosts Skinny Dippers in 1936
08/27/2001Grantsville Gets New Doctors in 1910
08/26/2001Wilson Family Holds Reunion in 1931
08/25/2001Charles Mathess Dies in France in 1918
08/24/2001Riverboat Sinks at Grantsville in 1910
08/23/2001"Death by Unknown Causes" Ruled in 1936
08/22/2001Calhoun Natives Killed by Train in 1908
08/21/2001Missing Man's Body Found in 1907
08/20/2001Grantsville Store Destroyed by Fire in 1931
08/19/2001Shots Fired Into Crowd in 1894
08/18/2001Calhoun Soldier Dies of Wounds in 1919
08/17/2001Brooksville is Home to Truly Honest Man in 1936
08/16/2001Congress Investigates LK Railroad in 1915
08/15/2001Bank Purchases Lot for New Building in 1919
08/14/2001Child Loses Thumb and Finger in 1906 Accident
08/13/2001Chautauqua Comes to Grantsville in 1919
08/12/2001Jesse Roach Dies in France in 1918
08/11/2001Child Dies in Freak Accident in 1910
08/10/2001Stolen Watch Turns Up in Spencer in 1906
08/09/2001Calhoun's First Diploma Test Given in 1915
08/07/2001Hot Air Balloon Sighted in 1910
08/06/2001Gasoline Factory Proposed in 1909
08/05/2001Charlie Duskey Writes Home in 1919
08/04/2001Two Lives Lost at NYA Project in 1940
08/03/2001Shooting on Barnes Run in 1907
08/02/2001Respected Citizens "Red Manned" in 1910
08/01/2001LK Riverboat Goes to Pittsburgh in 1915
07/30/2001Knifing at Rocksdale Results in Death in 1909
07/29/2001Bear Fork Hunt Nets 219 Squirrels in 1909
07/28/2001Drs. Amputate Mollohan's Leg in 1910
07/27/2001Little Kanawha Claims a Life in 1909
07/26/2001Huffman Boat 'Grounded' in 1900
07/25/2001Mary Ann Barrows Reminisces in 1983
07/24/2001Rush Run Church Established in 1894
07/23/2001Burglar Faces Federal Charges in 1908
07/21/2001Chronicle Exhibits Indian Pipe in 1908
07/20/2001Calhoun Jail Conditions Investigated in 1908
07/19/2001107 Attend Birthday Celebration in 1897
07/18/2001Editor Barrows "Speaks His Mind" in 1949
07/17/2001Grantsville Fixture Sells Business in 1909
07/16/2001Arlda Bell Wins Frozen Pig in 1951
07/15/2001Disagreeable Sheep Wreaks Havoc in 1908
07/14/2001Horrible Death at Spencer Asylum in 1897
07/13/2001The Changing Face of Grantsville From 1927
07/12/2001Creed Takes a Dip in 1909
07/11/2001Mt. Zion Woman Succumbs to Burns in 1951
07/10/2001John Boice Makes Amazing Recovery in 1908
07/09/2001Fire Alarm Proves to be False Alarm in 1897
07/07/2001Mont Foutty Dies in Nitro Explosion in 1916
07/06/2001Walter Smith Survives Accident in 1909
07/05/2001Home Remedy Promises Amazing Results in 1909
07/04/2001Brothers Killed by Hit and Run Driver in 1950
07/03/20011885 Chronicle Resurrected in 1927
07/02/2001Riderless Horse Prompts Search in 1897
07/01/2001Stumptown News from 1908
06/30/2001Accident on Jackson Hill Claims Life in 1927
06/29/2001Child Dies from Strychnine Poisoning in 1926
06/28/20011908 Barn Burning Investigated
06/27/2001Calhoun Miss Avoids Tar and Feathers in 1897
06/26/2001Heavy Loss of Life in 1943 Flood
06/25/2001West Fork Fire Claims Five Lives in 1916
06/24/2001Blindness No Problem for Brannon in 1927
06/23/2001Tragic Death Shocks Community in 1908
06/22/2001Tool Dresser Survives Fall From Derrick in 1928
06/21/2001Grantsville Gets "Lit" in 1927
06/20/2001Rabies Scare Grips Grantsville in 1928
06/19/2001Dog Fight Takes Toll on Owners in 1909
06/18/2001Record Carbon Black Shipments in 1909
06/17/2001DADDY'S HANDS
A Selection from the Recitation Bench
06/17/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
By Louis E. Ayers
06/16/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part XII
By Lewis E. Ayers
06/15/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part XI
By Louis E. Ayers
06/14/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part X
By Louis E. Ayers
06/14/2001THE FLAG GOES BY
A Selection from the Recitation Bench
06/13/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part IX
By Louis E. Ayers
06/12/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
By Louis E. Ayers
06/11/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part VII
By Louis E. Ayers
06/10/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part VI
By Louis E. Ayers
06/09/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part V
By Louis E. Ayers
06/08/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part IV
By Louis E. Ayers
06/07/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part III
By Louis E. Ayers
06/06/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part II
By Louis E. Ayers
06/05/2001Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part I
By Louis E. Ayers
06/04/2001Freak Accident Claims Toddler's Life in 1951
06/03/2001Chronicle Gets a New Press in 1908
06/02/2001Rafter Drowns in West Fork in 1897
06/01/2001Tragic Accident at Graded School in 1949
05/31/2001Carbon Black Storeroom Destroyed by Fire in 1908
05/30/2001Pedestrian Dies of Injuries in 1926
05/29/2001Stinson Post Office Robbed in 1943
05/27/2001Young Woman Burns to Death in 1908
05/26/2001Child Survives Near Drowning in 1894
05/25/2001Wounded Calhoun Soldier Dies in 1950
05/24/20011943 Fish Story is a Real "Catch"
05/23/2001Chronicle Suggests Compassion in 1907
05/22/2001Grade School Cornerstone Laid in 1926
05/21/2001Barge Sinks on Little Kanawha in 1908
05/20/2001"The Stone Man" Dies in 1943
Was Calhoun Native
05/19/2001Car Stolen in Grantsville in 1924
05/18/2001Home Fire Claims Two Lives in 1943
05/17/2001Community Hard Hit by Korean War in 1950
05/16/2001Child's Burns Prove Fatal in 1943
05/15/200130 Days in the Cooler for Melon Stealing in 1895
05/14/2001Triple Hanging Shocks Citizenry in 1894
A Selection From the Recitation Bench
05/12/2001One Block of Grantsville Burns in 1919
05/11/20011908 Cattle Poisoning Occurs at Brooksville
05/10/2001Calhoun Suffers First WW II Casualty in 1943
05/09/2001Healing Properties of Well Advertised in 1895
05/08/2001CHS Grid Star Drowns in 1950
05/07/2001Old-Time Barn Raising Held in 1927
05/06/2001Ghost Reported on Steer Creek in 1927
05/05/2001County Seat Struggle Resurrected in 1898
05/04/20011926 Explosion Claims Life of Calhoun Man
05/03/20011951 Accident Claims Life of CHS Athlete
05/02/2001Law of Supply and Demand is Tested in 1895
05/01/20011949 Chronicle Recalls "Calhoun Cottage" Construction
04/30/2001"Glenville Stranger" Visits 1896 Grantsville Fair
04/29/2001Spencer Destroyed by Fire in 1896
04/28/2001In 1950 Calhoun Soldier Escapes Reds in Korea
04/27/20011895 Accident Claims Life of Levi Ball
04/26/2001Temperance Poetry Circa 1895
04/25/2001Bits of This and That from 1895
04/24/2001Story of Old Revival is Told in 1951
04/22/2001In 1895 Hard Cider Prompts Arrests
04/21/2001Extensive Damage in 1895 Parkersburg Explosion
04/20/2001Residents Get Flim-Flamed in 1895
04/19/20011895 Lawsuit Gets Heated at Times
04/18/20011898 Civil War Tale has Calhoun Connection
04/17/2001Fire Destroys Johnson Home in 1895
04/16/2001Near Drowning in Little Kanawha in 1895
04/15/2001History of Grantsville from 1942
04/14/2001Dr. Dye Severely Injured in 1894
04/12/20011894 Altercation Results in Wounding and Death
04/11/2001In 1895 Grantsville Deals With Mad Dog
04/09/2001In 1894 Men Watched Women Brawl at Oka
04/08/2001Woman Drowns at Annamoriah in 1894
04/06/20011894 Altercation Results in Knifing
04/04/2001Hope for Calhoun Resort Expressed in 1894
04/03/2001An 1894 Saturday in Grantsville
04/02/2001Bigamist Dealt With Quickly in 1894
04/01/2001History of Calhoun's County Seat
Placed in Cornerstone of New Courthouse in 1942
03/31/2001Redmaning Becomes Redwomaning in 1894
03/30/2001First Baptist Church of Grantsville Dedicated in 1894
03/29/2001Jail Inmates Form Quartette in 1894
03/27/2001Grantsville to Get Gas in 1898
03/26/2001Goliath and Sampson Battle It Out in 1894
03/25/2001Spavy Gets His Man in 1898
03/23/2001Loafers Club and Creed Brooks Wit from 1894
03/22/2001More on Redmaning in 1894
03/21/2001Redmen and Rogues in 1894
03/20/2001Rabid Cat Bites Two in 1898
03/19/20011894 Energy Crisis
03/18/2001Night Hunt on Fink in 1893
03/17/2001Typical Calhoun Wedding from 1894
03/16/2001Two Calhouners Lose $295 in 1898
03/15/2001History-Making Flood in 1918
03/14/2001Owens Bids Grantsville Adieu in 1896
03/13/20011893 Wagon Tongue Patent Swindle
03/12/2001Hallenbake-Stump Entertain Bystanders in 1896
03/10/20011893 Melee Results in Severe Head Injury
03/09/2001Brooksville Bootlegger Defies the Town in 1902
03/08/2001Adams Jumps Bail in 1896
03/07/2001New Court House Corner Stone Laid in 1942
03/06/2001Big Annamoriah Bear Hunt - 1902
03/05/2001Editorials From 1902 Still Timely
03/04/2001Perils of a Country Doctor - 1902
03/03/2001Youthful Indiscretion Circa 1901
03/02/2001The Great "Seng" Swindle of 1893
03/01/2001Fatal Accident at Carbon Black Factory in 1902
02/28/2001Constable Creed Brooks Tale from 1901
02/27/2001Asa Stump's Invention - 1901
02/26/2001News From Minnora - 1896
02/25/2001Grantsville To Get New Phone System in 1901
02/24/2001Sugar Rationing Begins in 1942
02/23/2001GVFD Formed In 1942
02/22/2001Calhoun High School Destroyed By Fire In 1942
02/21/20011966 Grantsville Fire
02/18/2001Sewing Machines and Highwaymen - 1896
02/16/2001Court Proceedings and LK Railroad - 1896
02/15/2001Mystery Solved by Accident in 1896
02/14/2001Fogle-Bell Altercation in 1896
02/12/2001Girl Killed By Shotgun Blast in 1970
02/11/2001Taylor Home Is Lost In Fire in 1970
02/10/2001Masonic Building Cornerstones - 1917 and 1921