SUNDAY ICY CALHOUN ROADS CAUSE PROBLEMS - Sheriff Basnett And More Motorists Into Guardrails On Icy Rt. 16/5

6:45 AM - Calhoun First Responders were dispatched to Clay County to a crash with occupant entrapment, a law officer, in Clay County.

The accident happened on icy Tanner Hill not far from the Big Otter Exit.

Calhoun EMS and the Upper West Fork VFD were dispatched to the scene, but were told to return to station, with Clay responders on scene.

At the same time Calhoun Sheriff Warren Basnett en route to an accident, encountered icy Rt. 16 on the Mt. Zion Ridge, reportedly sliding into a guardrail, along with other motorists. Wreckers are busy with assistance

8:10 AM - Icy roads have been reported all over Calhoun highways, including Rt. 5 and the Liberty Hill areas, with several cars into ditches and guardrails.

The Department of Highways are working to clear roads.

Motorist are advised to use caution, until road conditions are safe.