CALHOUN PRECINCT TOTALS RELEASED - Canvass Conducted For General Election

Calhoun County Commissioners held a canvass of the General Election Monday.

The commissioners accounted for all legal mail in ballots and showed Commission candidates, Craig Arthur and Matt Walker (Walker won election), how the doors are secured, requiring all three commissioners to enter the room.

"We also read each name on mail in ballots," said Commission President Chip Westfall.

Commissioners explained procedure and law to the two candidates.

Commissioner Kevin Helmick asked the candidates if they approved the counting procedure, at which time they indicated they had no objections.

Democrat Melissa Hickson and Republican Nikki Clark went through the paper roll in precinct 1 and received a 100% accurate machine count. The precinct was drawn out of a hat by Assessor Jason Nettles, who was unopposed in the election.

Below is the Precinct by Precinct totals for the Calhoun County 2020 General Election, by Precinct number; area; polling places; and District:

Precinct 1: Brooksville, Brooksville Baptist Church (Sheridan); Precinct 4: Grantsville area, Little Courtroom (Center); Precinct 5: Big Springs, Pleasant Hill School (Sheridan); Precinct 6: Grantsville Corp., Senior Citizens Center ; Precinct 7: Mt. Zion, Grantsville VFD (Sherman); Precinct 8: Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill School (Sherman); Precinct 10: Arnoldsburg, Arnoldsburg School (Lee); Precinct 11: Hur-Daniels Run, Calhoun Middle/High School (Lee); Precinct 15: Minnora, Upper West Fork Park (Washington); Precinct 19: Orma, Upper West Fork Park (Washington)

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