Drivers of ATV’s can now ride on the streets without the fear of getting a ticket, and are street legal in certain scenarios.

The road rules can be difficult to understand in WV.

A new West Virginia law, Senate Bill 690, states you have to outfit your ATV or side-by-side to make it street legal, so it can pass inspection.

In order to pass inspection, ATV’s need to have headlights, turn signals and even a windshield, or a pair of protective lenses, along with other specifications.

Here are things you also need to know in order to drive smart and safe:

Any place that sells ATVs can issue a license for their vehicles.

ATV’s must be inspected

ATV inspections can only be done at a vehicle inspection station.

ATV’s are only legal on roads without a yellow line, and in certain areas you can travel up to ten miles away from the trail head on any road.