CALHOUN COMMISSION HAS PAID REGIONAL JAIL BILL - Commissioners Vote To Keep County Dry, Facing Costs Of Special Election

Perhaps the best news for Calhoun and the Calhoun Commission is the regional jail bill has been paid after months of not finding the funds.

"We paid the entire 2019/2020 jail bill. So now, we are working on catching up, while continuing to pay incoming jail bills," said Commissioner Kevin Helmick.

"The 2020 WV Legislature declared all counties wet, making the entire state “wet” when it comes to the sale of liquor and wine, Calhoun County being the last dry county in WV," said commission president Chip Westfall.

The Calhoun County Commission says they unanimously voted to remain a “dry” county, citing failed past local option elections to make certain districts of the county “wet.”

"It was my position that the county residents have already voted on this issue at least a couple times and it was voted down. If we could have put it on the ballot in November, that’s what we would have done," said Commissioner Kevin Helmick.

"But the law stated that we would have had to run a special election to put it on the ballot," Helmick said, "Figuring that money could be used for many important things the counties needs.

There are currently 13 “dry” areas (cities) in the state, mostly municipalities and Calhoun.

Historically, Calhoun has defeated several efforts to allow the sale of liquor.