OFFICERS WOUNDED - West Virginia state trooper and a sheriff’s deputy were wounded in a shooting Thursday in Beckley.

The injuries did not appear to be life threatening, and both officers were being treated for their injuries, according to a news release from the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the news release, the shooting happened on Coal Street in Beckley while a warrant was being served and appeared to be accidental, the news release said.

WOMAN SHOOTER - A New Milton woman is accused of shooting a gun at her ex-boyfriend and two other people.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Doddridge County Sheriff’s Department, deputies answered a shots fired call on Buffalo Calf Road on May 27. Deputies were told that a woman, identified as Nancy Neely, 48, had driven to a home to confront her ex-boyfriend, James Longford. The complaint states that Longford had not lived with Neely for about one week.

When Neely got to the home, she told Longford and two other people, Cathy Bonnell and Carl Ringer, she was going to shoot them, the complaint states. At that time, Neely fired a gun at them. One of the rounds struck a step to the porch in front of the trio, according to the sheriff’s department.

After shooting the gun, Neely told Longford that he “better be home in 25 minutes” or she would come back, the complaint states. A deputy located two of the spent casings, which were from a Taurus .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

Deputies were informed by the victims that a man and his daughter had witnessed some of the incident. Both of the witnesses stated that they at first heard a single gunshot, according to the complaint. A short time later, they heard multiple gunshots. At that time, they came out of their home in time to see Neely drive away. They also stated that they heard between five and eight shots, which deputies said was consistent with what the victims said.

A deputy and a West Virginia State Police trooper located Neely at her home on Meathouse Fork Road, at which time they found the handgun on a table on the porch, according to the complaint. Deputies said Neely admitted to drinking “about a 6 pack of beer.” A deputy requested that she submit to a preliminary breath test, noting that her speech was slightly slurred and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. She was also having minor panic attacks. The result of the breath test was a blood-alcohol concentration of .080%, according to the sheriff’s department.

Deputies said Neely at first lied about the incident, but when she was informed that the casings were going to be compared to her weapon, she then admitted to firing the gun. However, Neely stated that she only fired the gun three times, and it was into the air, the complaint explains. A deputy was not able to find any spent casings inside Neely’s car; however, he did find two live rounds on the front passenger seat.

After deputies took Neely to the sheriff’s department, she kept apologizing, and when it came time to take her fingerprints and transport her to jail, her panic attacks came back once she was advised of the charges against her, according to the complaint. Deputies took Neely to United Hospital Center for medical clearance, at which time a doctor glued one of the spots on her forehead and stitched a cut to her left hand.

The weapon and two spent casings will be sent to the state police crime lab for comparison, deputies said.

Neely is charged with three counts of attempted murder. She is being held in the North Central Regional Jail.