NOAA SPRING WEATHER FORECAST - Willard Jone's "Keep It Simple" Forecasts

By Bob Weaver

Each year long range forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center issue a seasonal forecast. This year’s forecast for April, May and June are calling for good chances of warmer and wetter weather than normal.

Long-time Calhoun prognosticator, the late Willard Jones, when asked about the weather for Spring, would say, "It will get a little warmer." He would then pontificate he likes to keep it simple, and he works for free as a weatherman.

He said in the old days of radio the weather man would issue a two sentence forecast and now a man or woman throw their hands around explaining the situation. Now it's a TV extravaganza with maps, video and sound effects that goes on and on.

Willard continued, "They wear me out getting to the point, and then I forget what the forecast was."

Willard, is there someway you can come back to earth and help us keep it simple?