In consideration of the latest advisory by President Trump and the medical professionals recommending that citizens avoid groups larger than 10 people, the Upper West Fork Park is announcing that all Park sponsored events will be cancelled for the next three weeks which will cancel our previously scheduled Gun Show on April 3rd and 4th.

Further decisions will be made after review and consideration of the status of the Federal and State advisories and the situation as it evolves.

It is not the intention of the Upper West Fork Park to limit access to the Park facilities or restrict its members in any manner. If you have reserved the Park for a private event, the Park will honor that reservation with a reminder of the recommendations of President Trump and the medical professionals.

If, in consideration of those recommendations a reservation needs to be cancelled or moved to another date, the Park will also make every effort to accommodate that need.

As always, the Upper West Fork Park is for the members of the community and will continue to strive to provide a safe and enjoyable location for the community. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Larry Justham, Anita West and Eugene King, Board Members.