2015: OHIO MAN VISITS CALHOUN ROOTS - Displays 9-Passenger Custom Ford Truck


FAMILY GATHERING (L to R) Robert Bush of Grantsville,
David and Debbie Rusnak of Canton OH, James, Barbara, Tom,
and Debbie Bush, Charlotte and June Sidwell all of Grantsville

The super-duper custom 9-passenger
Ford took Rusnak 14-months to build


David and Debbie Rusnak of Canton OH came to Calhoun over the weekend to meet relatives they never knew they had, motoring in a 9-passenger custom-built 2001 F-350 Ford, including the Bush family.

Rusnak and his wife visited the Bush family and relative Ron Blankenship. "It's been a great experience coming to Calhoun and visiting relatives for first time," he said.