Yesterday was the second day for the Gilmer County murder trial of Everett Campbell, accused of second degree murder.

Campbell allegedly shot his ex-wife's fiancé, Mark Medley over a custody dispute last year.

The jury heard from eight witnesses, including the investigating trooper who showed the jury pictures of the crime scene, actual guns used in the murder and read testimony from witnesses.

Campbell's ex-wife, Mary Ann Campbell, testified about the divorce and custody plan that she had with the defendant.

Mary Ann Campbell said her husband was a jealous man who wanted to control all the time he had with their children.

During cross examination, David Karickhoff, the defense attorney, said that Mary Ann was charged at the time of the murder with a felony of "Attempted Child Concealment".

Since that time the charges have been dropped.

However, it was also revealed that after the divorce the "parent plan" gave Everett Campbell the right to be the primary resident parent, Karickhoff said.

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