Scientists at John Hopkins University say they may have found a link between a chemical used to produce Teflon and undersized babies.

The issue is connected with the production of C-8, the substance produced at DuPont's Washington Works in Wood County.

Dr. Lynn Goldman with the university's Bloomberg School of Public Health says the study found that infants with fairly low levels of the chemical C-eight showed very small decreases in birth weight and head circumference.

Goldman says if the findings are confirmed, this would show that C-8 chemical influences biological change.

The study shows the highest levels of the chemical were seven parts per billion.

The average American has five parts per billion of the chemical in his or her blood.

DuPont is paying for a separate health screening of West Virginia and Ohio residents to determine if the chemical is hazardous to human health.

DuPont maintains the chemical is not a health problem.