An e-mail to the Herald asked why we don't publish more Letters to the Editor (WE GET LETTERS).

The best answer is, we get very few.

We do have requirements for letters:

The comments in letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions maintained by The Hur Herald, nor will The Hur Herald be held accountable for their expression.

We encourage opinion, comment, and discussion of meaningful issues, and advocate free expression, but the content of letters should not always be considered "fact."

We discourage the use of profanity, name-calling, personal attacks and rumors which can not be validated.

No letter will be printed without validation of/and approval of the sender. Writers need to be responsible for their comments.

Please sign your letter with your REAL name and your town. A valid e-mail address or phone number is helpful in validation.

Letters endorsing or being critical of a candidate for public office will not be printed within two weeks prior to an election.

The Hur Herald reserves the right to refuse the publication of letters which the Editor considers in bad taste.

The Hur Herald reserves the right to limit the number of letters on a particular subject or issue.

We do encourage people with opposing views to submit their letters.

The Hur Herald reserves the right to edit letters for brevity.

Writers should keep letters to 500 words or less.

Letters to the Editor may be submitted by e-mail to

Snail mailed to Hur Herald, PO Box 120, Mt. Zion, WV 26151

or FAXED to 304-354-6183.