Three meth labs raided,
seven persons charged

By David Hedges, Publisher
Times Record-Roane County Reporter

One thing led to another Monday night and by the time the sun came up Tuesday morning police had raided three homes in the Gandeeville area and arrested seven persons on drug charges.

"It was a long night," according to Roane Sheriff Todd Cole, who said the raid began around 6 p.m. Monday.

At noon Tuesday sheriff's deputies who had gone without sleep were still processing cases in magistrate court and transporting suspects to the regional jail.

Thirteen officers were involved in the raids, Cole said, including four from the sheriff's department, two each from the State Police and DNR and five members of a regional drug and violent crime task force based in Parkersburg.

Cole said members of the task force said labs found in the first two homes raided that night were significant.

"Both of these were characterized (by the task force) as large labs," Cole said.

The third home raided that night also contained methamphetamine and the ingredients to make it, the sheriff said.

An investigation into alleged drug activity in the area picked up steam on Wednesday of last week, Cole said, when a man wrecked his vehicle while driving a child to school.

Daniel Turner, 37, of Cox's Fork, Gandeeville was driving a friend's 9-year-old daughter to school that morning when he fell asleep and hit a parked truck belonging to Columbia Gas, according to Cole.

While investigating the wreck on U.S. 119 near the Walton Civic Building, Cole said he noticed items in the vehicle which could be used in the production of methamphetamine.

Cole said Turner's license was suspended and he was carrying a loaded gun in the vehicle ...

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