Several kids were playing Tuesday evening on Scenic Drive Road near Camp Creek in Clay County.

A stray dog known for biting went after nine-year-old honor student Misti Flores, biting her.

When the girl's mother feared the dog might be rabid, she tried to catch the animal and it tried to bite her.

State Police and an ambulance was called, during which time the father of the Flores girl, Thomas Flores, took his 12 gauge shotgun and fired three times, killing the large animal.

Thomas Flores has now been arrested and charged with three felony wanton endangerment charges and one count of animal cruelty. He is out on bond pending a trial.

The Flores family says a neighbor Waldon Dennis was about one-half a football field away when he complained to the State Police about the shooting.

Meanwhile, the dog's remains is missing and cannot be checked for rabies or other diseases.

DETAILS Friday in the Clay Communicator.