"IT'S GREAT TO SEE GREEN AGAIN" - Travis Duelley Comes Home On Leave


Travis Duelley (center) with parents Arthur and Betty

Travis displays his assortment of Saddam's folding money

August, 2004

"It was wonderful to see green again," said Spec 4 Travis Duelley of Grantsville, flying into the USA from a tour of duty in Iraq. "When I got home to Calhoun (Sunday) it was really green. There is little green in Iraq," he said.

Duelley, the son of Arthur and Betty Duelley of Grantsville, is a medic.

"As much as I love being home, I feel a real need to be with my guys," he said. "They depend on me and a lot can happen quickly. Life and death things."

Medics perform much like they have done throughout military history, one medic assigned to a platoon.

Duelley joined the 1092nd Engineers in Spencer, but completed his training after they were deployed to Iraq. He was then assigned to 150th Armored in Bluefield-Princeton and went to Iraq with that unit in February.

He returned to Grantsville Sunday for a two week leave.

"It's great to be home," he said.