For the first time all three Calhoun schools have failed to meet the Westest/No Child Left Behind criteria (2011-12).

After weeks of data problems regarding the Arnoldsburg Elementary School results, the West Virginia Department of Education says the school has failed to meet Average Yearly Progress (AYP) for 2011-12 school year.

State or local school officials have yet to state what the data problem was with Arnoldsburg School.

It is the second year for the school not meeting No Child Left Behind/Westest standards.

It was the first year Pleasant Hill Elementary did not meet AYP standards.

Calhoun-Middle High School has not meet the standards for for about six out of the last seven years.

In 2010-11, Calhoun Schools were the worst performing of the state's 55 counties under NCLB, while most national assessments, many of them highly respected by educators, says public education outcomes in West Virginia are at or near the worst in the USA.

Calhoun Schools in the latest 2011-12 report on reading achievement is next to bottom of the 55 counties at 54, but math outcomes have improved, with Calhoun at 47 of the 55 counties, according to Liza Cordeiro, Executive Director of Communication, WV Department of Education.

In March, Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Roger Propst said "We're not here to make excuses...We're not hiding any failures."

"I told the WV Board of Education, Calhoun will not be 55th again," said Propst, with Carla Taylor, Director of School Improvement, outlining an action plan to improve academic outcomes.

Calhoun County Schools have yet to respond to several public information requests regarding educational outcomes and student achievement.

Lisa Cordeiro released a list of the 10 worst performing high schools in reading (2011-12), with #1 being worst.

1. Mount View High School: McDowell; 2. Braxton County High: Braxton; 3. Calhoun County High: Calhoun; 4. Hampshire Senior High: Hampshire; 5. Man Senior High School: Logan; 6. Tygarts Valley High School: Randolph; 7. Riverview High School: McDowell; 8. Summers County High: Summers; 9. Union Educational Complex : Grant; 10. Harman Elementary High: Randolph.

Calhoun did not make the 10 worst list in math, although the outcomes between the bottom schools were within narrow margins.

Last year about half of state schools failed to meet Average Yearly Progress.

Regionally most school systems did not do well with the 2011-12 standards, but Gilmer County schools met the threshold.

The West Virginia Department of Education has requested a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind standards, which uses critical cut-lines to determine success or failure.

The state is going to a new model that acknowledges improvement in schools and school systems, not a flunk or fail system.

Meanwhile, the state school system has yet to respond to a $750,000 audit of West Virginia's performance, an audit that critically lists major problems and makes improvement recommendations.

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