THIS OLE HOUSE - Deep Woods Little Creek Cooper-Stutler Homestead, Nearby 135 Year Old Log House


Long abandoned Cooper-Stutler house in
deep wooded holler off Little Creek

Jenny Lind house sinking closer to ground ...

... wallpaper still clinging to walls and ceilings

Log house converted to barn, built about 140 years ago

By Bob Weaver

The ole two story Jenny-Lind style, house is deep in a hollow off Little Creek, the hollow winds its way back to Stutler Ridge.

It was originally built about 1920 by John Cooper and was the home of Mac and Ellie Stutler, who had four sons Mac, Jr., Ralph Donovan, Bradley Eugene, and Dewayne Stutler.

The family, like many Calhouners, left the house and hollow about 1950 for a better life in Ohio, and the house has been abandoned since.

Dewayne Stutler, who is now 82, said the remoteness of the house was of little concern to the family, his family walked a few miles to the one-room school, a general store and a community church.

"We had a great supply of spring water from the hillside," Stutler said, "but we had very little to get by on."

Nearby is a log house which was converted into a barn, about 140 years old, constructed by King Hiram "Hi" Cooper.

Another house site in the same hollow was said to be occupied by Robert Lee Sturm (born 1867), a son of John N. and Margaret Magdalene (Halsey) Sturm. He married Emmaline Greathouse and reportedly had 9 children.

There was a third homestead in the head of the hollow, the home of Francis Marion and Artie Cooper Stutler, early comers to the area.

Among the original Stutlers coming to Calhoun was William Burton (born 1839) and Melissa Davis Stutler, who were married in 1859, he was a Union veteran of the Civil War.

In 1884 he purchased 350 acres of Little Creek land from J. C. Rathbone. The William Stutler's had eight children.

Little Creek resident and consummate writer Teresa Stutler Starcher has recalled and written a story about Little Creek boys, told to stay away from this old abandoned house and are desperately frightened when they sneak into the dwelling and encounter a monster. (To be published)


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