UPDATE 12/7/2016 - Evidence on an unsolved death case from past years could soon be presented to a Wood County grand jury.

One of the cases involves 38-year old Cindy Ball who was last seen alive at a Parkersburg sports bar in October, 2014.

Her body was found days later near Munday, Wirt County, with a gunshot wound to the head.

West Virginia State Police say they now have the evidence they need to present the case to a Wood County Grand Jury.

"I've said all along it was important to us to go the the grand jury, go into the courtroom with confidence it was a case we could win," Sgt. W.K. Marshall said Tuesday. "I feel we're at that point right now." Sgt. Marshall says the names of the suspect will be made public once the grand jury makes its report.


UPDATE 10/24/16 - Two years ago a 36 year old Parkersburg woman was reported missing, two days later her body was found in the woods near Sugar Camp Road at Munday in Wirt county.

It's an active investigation that's had very little progress.

Cindy Ball was last scene at the Overtime Sports Bar in Parkersburg and her car was spotted in the parking lot with her purse inside.

Police say Ball suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the head and was found in a heavily wooded area by hunters.

As the investigation reaches its one-year anniversary, police still haven't made any arrests, but they say there are persons of interest.

Officials said a year ago they do expect to make an arrest. They want to make sure they have enough information to present a solid case to a jury.

"We understand the significance of this case and we want this case resolved as much as anyone does, but we want to make sure when we go into court with our presentation that we want to come out of their with a conviction and prosecution. The family deserves that, the public deserves that," says Sgt. W.K. Marshall III, WV State Police.

UPDATE - Nine months ago West Virginia State Police found 38-year-old Cindy Ball dead in the woods near Munday, Wirt County on Sugar Camp Road.

Since then, police have released little information as their investigation continues, but told media the case is not cold and they are following leads.

Ball was last seen at Parkersburg's Overtime Sports Bar in October, 2014. Two days later, hunters found her body in remote woods in Wirt County with a gunshot wound to the back of her head.

Police told media there are persons of interest or people with direct knowledge of the crime, but investigators want to be certain before making any arrests.

"With any case, we only get a chance to try a person one time. During that trial you have to convince twelve jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. So if you have any loose ends, any unanswered questions, it's best to take care of that stuff during the investigative phase rather than at trial time. By no means is this as if we have forgotten about this," says F/SGT. Brand Snodgrass, WV State Police.

Police say the case has generated a lot of physical evidence and forensic testing which is still being evaluated and tested as well as collecting interviews from witnesses.

Police say they are closer to making an arrest than they were 6 months ago.


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