By Bob Weaver

There is Friday night street music in Grantsville, a number of area music makers getting together to pick and sing, a project of a Main Street music store "Alice's Attic." My mind drifted to Grantsville's earlier days, seeking walking space on the crowded sidewalks, with lots to do with department stores, groceries, restaurants, drug stores with soda fountains and the Kanawha movie house.

And if that didn't interest you, you could watch the town cop take some imbibers from Shoad Ward's Emporium to cool off in the county jail.

Those from my generation (old) contend it was a wonderful place to come of age.

Grantsville, like most small West Virginia towns have faded, their town's main street absent of people, cars and old dogs.

It was fascinating to see the pickers and singers grace Main Street, Alice Holmes bringing the young and old together to pick and sing.

Most of Calhoun's old-time music makers have gone to the grave, some of them making some serious achievements with WV mountain music.

"Our project goes much further than "Alice's Attic," teaching interested young people to play the piano or a string instrument," said Alice Holmes, hooking up folks with music teachers.

"We certainly invite folks to come and join us on Friday's," Holmes said.

Maybe it would help some Calhoun folks recall the early days, and give a little hope for the future.

ALICE'S ATTIC is located on Main Street, adjacent the former Calhoun Bank.