REMEMBERING: "DOC" LAW - Lookin' Good At 90


Grantsville residents know Doc for his mileage as a walker,
but those older will remember his solid contribution to the community


Rymer "Doc" Law had a 90th birthday celebration Saturday. Grantsville area residents know Doc for his waking, but those of us with some age remember him as a solid Grantsville citizen and businessman, who once worked for Francis Hardware and later operated his own store, Law Hardware.

He is best remembered for his down home demeanor, storytelling and attitude toward life. "He was a great role model," said one of his sons.

He is among the handful of Grantsville residents remaining from the early 1900's who dug their roots deep in Sunny Cal, married, worked and raised their family, here.

Doc in the United States Navy, World War II

Doc and his wife, Elodene Riggs Law, who passed away in 1991

Doc's family and friends came out Saturday to Victory Baptist Church to honor him. His four sons sat with him reading birthday wishes. In addition to his sons, Doc has eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Doc's four sons read birthday wishes on his 90th birthday
(L to R) Joseph Glen (Joe), Robert Lee (Bob), Rymer (Doc),
William Kent (Bill) and Phil Thomas (Tom)

Doc's son Joe Law talks with Doc's brother James Alfred Law

The great-grandkids visit Doc Saturday

"Doc" passed away at 94 in Dec. 2007.