HASSIG - A Lost Calhoun Village Found, Stores, Beer Parlors And People

By Bob Weaver

Hassig was a Calhoun place forgotten, even by people who keep track of such things, rarely remembered and little recorded.

The village sprung into existence about 1902 after oil and gas gushed from the C. R. Bee rig, about one mile above the better known Village of Richardson.

Elva Duskey Wilson, now gone, said she remembered a paddle boat with steel spikes coming up the West Fork to deliver goods to Hassig and Richardson. The spikes dug over the sand bars.

A 1912 photo shows bananas hanging for sale on a Hassig general store.

Before 1920, the village had nearly vanished, but left behind was the Hassig Yard, with pipeline and oil field equipment.

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