2023: BILL DUSKEY WAS A FRONT PORCH TALKER - Hundreds Come To His Country Funeral


Bill Duskey standing along West Fork of the Little
Kanawha River, near his home, where his great-grand-
father Daniel Duskey built a dam and mill in the 1830s

2023 Bob Weaver

A large country funeral, with hundreds attending, came to the small Cremo Community Church on Rowels Run, to pay their respects to country boy William Robert "Bill" Duskey. 63, who died unexpectedly this week.

Duskey, a descendant of the historical Duskey family who have lived along the West Fork of the Little Kanawha for 180 years - not unlike his parents Robert Boyd and Juanita Tuttle Duskey, was a man connected to his home, family, friends and neighbors, mostly absent of 21st Century hi-tech communication.

Hundreds come to Cremo Community Church to pay their respects

Bill's remains, buried beside his parents at Wright Cemetery

A large number of Ohio Amish return to honor their friend

A visit with the Duskey family was a flashback to earlier times, where people would sit on the front porch conversing about the simplest of things, engaging in talk about family, church, what happened up the creek or the weather, a myopic exchange much too boring for modern times.

Guided by Christian principles, he and his brother Will were consummate caregivers to their parents until the day they died.

Among the hundreds that came to Bill's funeral, like those who came to his dad's funeral, a group of Ohio Amish attending, those families hunting on the Duskey land for years.

Bill was laid to rest at the Wright Cemetery beside his parents, a historical cemetery containing hundreds of citizens from the area, including soldiers, both Yankees and Rebels, from the Civil War.

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