2022: PINE CREEK MAN STEVE ALLISON HAS DIED - He Found His Life In Calhoun Backwoods

By Bob Weaver

Dec. 2022 - A Pine Creek man Steve Allison has died.

About 25 years ago he relocated to Calhoun from the busy metro life of California, building his home above Grantsville in the woods.

He loved the backwoods life and low taxes, likely the only voter showing up to Calhoun Commission meetings, praising the officials for keeping the taxes low.

Calhoun has some of the lowest taxes in the USA.

Allison spent his military career traveling the world, and embraced high tech development before most people knew what that meant.

As an active member of the Libertarian Party, he often praised Calhoun for its lack of control and rules.

He, his wife and their family found their place.