2022: WEST VIRGINIA RANKING DEAD LAST OVERALL EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES - State Ranks Near Bottom Non-Credentialed Teachers, Low Salaries, Low College Degree Rate


By Bob Waver 2022 - According to recent studies, West Virginia has the worst overall education in the country.

West Virginia ranks close to bottom with teacher salaries.

The brightest and best teachers have bailed out of West Virginia, leaving a teacher shortage, where many non-credentialed teachers have been certified to teach.

The state, according to most studies, says West Virginia is the worst in the nation, hiring non-credentialed teachers.

There is a critical shortage of teachers qualified in science and math.

Young qualified teachers have been leaving the state early for a better job.

In order to determine the ranking, Wallethub used criteria to determine the state with the most educational attainment and the best quality of education, and their negative counterparts.

West Virginia was ranked last or 50th overall and 50th for educational attainability and 42 for quality of education.

In addition, West Virginia also had the lowest percentage of people with a college degree and the next-to-lowest percentage of people with a graduate degree.

The quality of West Virginia universities was ranked 46th overall. West Virginia also had the lowest annual household income, with only Mississippi earning less.

West Virginia was not in the bottom five for percentage of people with a high school diploma, critics saying WV high schools have dropped the bar to get greater graduation rates.

Some other worst in education, according to the rankings, were Mississippi, Louisana and Arkansas.