Calhoun High School 2021 Homecoming Court

Pictured above (L-R) Lauren Lovejoy, Camron Jarvis, Trista
Arnold, Jayton Gibson, Marlee Hall, Trevor Collins, Lexi
Gregory, Grant Sterns, Abigail White, Drue Goad, Katey Bever,
Ian Richards, Belen Jaquete, Joel Basnett, Marissa Brannon,
Landon Winkler (not pictured), Abagail Waldron, Landon Church
Photos and names submitted by Holly Wilson

Senior Princesses and Prince along with Queen and
King (L-R) Lexi Gregory, Grant Sterns, Abigail White
and Drue Goad (Queen/King), Katey Bever, Ian Richards

Junior (L-R) Belen Jaquete, Joel
Basnett, Marlee Hall, Trevor Collins

Sophomore (L-R) Trista Arnold, Jayton Gibson,
Marissa Brannon, (not pictured) Landon Winkler

Freshmen (L-R) Lauren Lovejoy, Camron
Jarvis, Abagail Waldron, Landon Church