GUN THREAT - A woman has been charged after allegedly threatening another woman with a firearm while at the Buckwheat Festival in Preston County.

On Oct. 1, officers with the Kingwood Police Department responded to a call of a fight taking place on the Buckwheat Festival grounds, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers arrived, witnesses at the scene stated that there had been a fight involving a firearm, and officers said they then spoke to the victim of the incident.

The victim stated that she had been in a fight with Marilyn Martin, 62, of Gans, Pennsylvania, and that Martin had “produced a firearm” during the altercation and then “held it to [the victim’s] temple for a period of time” while stating “that she was going to kill her,” according to the complaint.

At that point, Martin fled from the fairgrounds, officers said.

Officers later responded to a residence belonging to one of Martin’s family members, where they detained her; during that time, Martin admitted “to being at the fairgrounds and admitted to being in an altercation,” according to the complaint.

After that, Martin gave officers consent to search her vehicle, and during that search, officers found a Taurus semi-automatic firearm matching the victim’s description, as well as a magazine containing 10 rounds, officers said.

Martin has been charged with wanton endangerment. She is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond.