UPDATE: CALHOUN WILL RETURN TO IN-PERSON SCHOOLING TODAY - New Chart: DHHR Says Most New Cases Among Children, Age 30-50 Group

Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Kelli Whytsell says all Calhoun Schools will reopen on Thursday, September 16th, to in-person learning.

All students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks.

WV school systems are experiencing huge political and social pressure to return to in-person schooling, from politicians and some parent groups.

Apparently the state quarantining of students and staff has been eliminated, changing the policy.

The Hur Herald was unable to determine how many Calhoun students have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past three weeks.

Whytsell said she does not have those numbers. "I do not have any new numbers from the last time I gave numbers. If students are being tested outside school, I do not have that information," she said.

On September 9, Whytsell confirmed that 63 students, nine teachers and five service personnel had COVID-19, leading to remote learning.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department has yet to respond to a public information request regarding how many Calhoun students/children under age 18 had been diagnosed with the virus during the past three weeks.

The DHHR chart indicates a total high of 240 Calhoun cases on Sept. 12.

The DHHR web shows recent 7-day distribution of Calhoun cases by age: