WV MAKES WORST LISTS AGAIN - Last In USA COVID Vaccinations, Leading Nation With Spread

As of Monday, West Virginia had 27,607 active COVID-19 cases.

For perspective, that's nearly the population of Parkersburg, which is 28,612 after the 2020 census.

The Mountain State is last in the country in people vaccinated, and leading the nation in spreading the virus.

"From a healthcare perspective and seeing what my team has been through, and what the healthcare community has been through, it is frustrating, because we're exhausted," Dr. Sherri Young with the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department said.

West Virginia added more than 2,000 cases in one day on Sunday, and hospitalizations are at a record high.

Young believes the numbers are up because the state has opened back up, but not everyone got vaccinated.

"The people who were quick to get the vaccine were the ones wanting the vaccine," Young said.

Dan Wilkerson, a chaplain at a nursing home, is frustrated to see the state trending in an ugly direction.

"This has been made into a religious, political football, and it shouldn't be," Wilkerson said. He is hoping people can start being more conscious of others' health and safety.

"If we're not going to voluntarily do that, then I think there needs to be some move toward mandating masks and other forms, social distancing, that sort of thing," Wilkerson said.

Others said they were "over it," against any mandates, and felt the pandemic was being fabricated.

Either way, the red on the map has those in healthcare trying to find common ground with anyone hesitant to get the vaccine.

"If there is vaccine hesitancy, talk to a healthcare provider. Talk to somebody who can get you on the right page as far as what the correct information is," Wilkerson said.