WV KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Weston Armed Robbery, Chase, Hostage, Police Shooting - Webster Shooting

POLICE SHOOTING - An armed robbery in Lewis County Friday morning turned into a high speed chase and ultimately a shootout which left the robbery suspect dead.

The suspects truck which was disabled by stop sticks on Old Route 33 near the Weston Wal-Mart.

Lewis County Sheriff Dave Gosa said it started around 10 a.m. when the suspect robbed the Hot Spot in Weston at gunpoint.

As he fled the scene, Weston Police began chasing the suspect up U.S. Route 19 to Jane Lew. During the chase the suspect rammed the Weston Police cruiser, Gosa said.

Lewis County deputies, state police and state DNR police all joined the chase which went through Jane Lew, down several back roads and wound up on Old Route 33 behind the Walmart in Weston.

“My chief deputy threw out stop sticks and caused the man to wreck, he got out and fled on foot,” Gosa said.

The suspect ran into a nearby backyard and tried to take a man hostage who was on a riding lawnmower. However, according to Gosa, the man on the lawnmower fought off the attacker and threw him to the ground, then got away from him as police were closing in.

“That individual pushed the subject to the ground, he raised up and tried to shoot our officers and that’s when all of our officers commenced firing on him,” said Gosa.

The suspect, whose name was not immediately released, was killed in the incident. According to Gosa, none of the officers involved in the incident were hurt. The victim on the lawnmower was also uninjured.

An investigation is underway.

WEBSTER SHOOTING - Two men are in custody after allegedly breaking into a man’s home and shooting him with a shotgun in Webster County.

troopers with the West Virginia State Police received a call of a man suffering a gunshot wound at a residence on Leary Lane in Cowen, according to the complaint.

Troopers spoke with the victim and learned of what happened during the incident, troopers said.

On Aug. 15, troopers spoke with the victim and learned that during the Aug. 9 incident, George King, 59; and Douglas King, 63, both of Cowen, forced their way into his home on Leary Lane, according to a complaint.

During that time, the victim hid in a room “under some clothes” while Douglas held a two-to-three foot long pipe and George carried a shotgun, troopers said.

The two searched the room for 10 minutes before Douglas prodded the victim with the pipe, stating ‘You better just get up out of there,’ at which point George pointed the shotgun “at his face,” according to the complaint.

The victim said that George stated he was going to shoot him, and the victim told the two that if “if he wanted to fight him then he could lower the gun and they could go outside,” troopers said.

When the victim told Douglas to tell George to lower the gun, Douglas responded, ‘No, **** you, shoot him, George,’ and the victim “saw an opportunity and made to run for the outside,” according to the complaint.

After making it out of the residence and running toward the road, George “shot him on his right side of his upper body,” troopers said.

On Aug. 20, troopers spoke with Douglas and obtained a post-Miranda recorded statement, during which Douglas stated that “he thought his niece … was inside the residence and was overdosing,” and when he arrived at the victim’s residence the doors were locked, according to the complaint. Douglas then retrieved George and returned to the victim’s residence, at which point Douglas “slipped down the rafters onto the porch and unlocked the door,” and when he and George located the victim, Douglas was carrying a large flashlight; Douglas also “advised that he told George to shoot the victim,” troopers said.

Douglas has been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. He is being held in Central Regional Jail on $50,000 bond.