Submitted by FRN Director, Tina Persinger

September 2021 Basic Needs

Basic Needs (food, clothing, housing, utilities & Transportation

• Thrift Store has affordable clothing. We are open from 9.30 to 1.30 daily. • Our Food Pantry is open daily from 9:30-1:30 We have a weekly menu choice market • September is Hunger Awareness Month — we are hosting a food drive We have attached a flyer. • Thanks to Save the Children cleaning drive, We received lots of donations and can help families with cleaning. hygiene. baby supplies • We will have a 3 bedroom apartment available October 1st.

Prevention, Treatment & Recovery

• September is Recovery Awareness month We will be having a celebration on Sept 23rd from 9 to 4 This will include a resource fair If you would like to set up — please let me know asap • We host a NA meeting every Monday at noon It is an open meeting • Flyer Attached • We received a 4500 grant from 1800 Gamblers

Transitional Age Youth

• We are looking for College kids or even High School kids that transitioned that might need a little extra support. If you know a student — please see Tina.

Growing Membership

• We are trying to grow our Calhoun FRN membership and our LKC membership Please send me their email address and I will get them added

Important Dates

• Mobile Pantry Sept. 16th — We could use volunteers
• Truck Day — Oct. 6th — We could use volunteers
• Thrift Store Donations Truck — Sept. 8th — We could use volunteers
• LKC meeting — Sept. 22nd 10 a.m. Zoom
• Regional SAPS — Sept. 22nd 2 p.m.