Submitted by: Brandy Brabham
WVU-Roane County Extension Agent
304-927-0975 or brandy.brabham@mail.wvu.edu
The West Central Extension Master Gardeners along with the WVU-Roane County Extension Service is offering a free tree grafting workshop on Monday, August 30 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Roane County Library’s meeting room in Spencer WV.

The two grafting techniques that will be reviewed at this workshop are T-budding or bud grafting and the four-flap graft, also called a banana graft.

T-budding is an easy form of grafting (propagating), where a bud rather than shoot is attached to a rootstock to make a new plant. It sounds complicated but, with practice, can be mastered by anyone and, as just one bud is needed to make a new branch, it is very economical.

The four-flap graft, also called a banana graft, is simple and does not require many materials. Homeowners, commercial growers, and hobbyists can use this grafting method with confidence because it has a good probability of success if done correctly.

Optimum stock (trunk and limb) size for grafting is 3/8 inch to one inch in diameter. Nurseries commonly produce seedling trees of this size from planted nuts in two or three years. Seedling trees of this size already existing in pastures or other outdoor environments also make suitable choices for grafting.

“For anyone who wants a second variety of fruit on an existing tree, bud grafting is as easy as it gets,” according to WVU-Roane County Agricultural Extension Agent, Brandy Brabham. Local Extension Master Gardener, Robin Wilson, who is an experience grafter of many trees including his grove of black walnuts and other nut trees, will take workshop participants step-by-step through the simplicity of bud grafting and teach about the banana graft. Wilson says, “With a sharp knife, a piece of tape, and a bit of know-how, growers should be able to clone multiple varieties onto existing trees!”

Scion “practice” wood will be provided for "bud wood" cuttings and from the practicing the “banana-graft method.” Brabham hopes participants will leave saying, "Why didn't anyone tell me that grafting was this simple?"

Participants are asked to bring a sharp knife or utility knife. All other supplies will be furnished.

Space is limited, please pre-register by calling the WVU Extension Service office in Roane County at 304-927-0975 or email   roanecountyextension@mail.wvu.edu