See above - Mark Farr from DuPont, CLP employees, Julie
Nutter, Allie Hammer, Greg Collins, Della Matheny, Abby
Pifer, Candice Gabriel, Darliss Eichhorn from Dupont; front -
Creighton, the CLP Therapy Dog, and handler Amanda Rubenstein

the Children’s Listening Place (CLP) Child Advocacy Center is getting new toys for its kids and upgrading its donation storage ability thanks to a long-time community partner and one CLP board member.

Dupont Washington Works donated $3 thousand to the non-profit for the upgrades and its employees collected hundreds of dollars and enough snacks for the children and families to last for the near future. Darliss Eichhorn, SAP Financial Analyst/Contract Administration for DuPont and CLP board member spearheaded the operation.

Some of the items that have been ordered for The Children's Listening Place [CLP] already thanks to the donation are a changing table, bilingual story books, diversity and kindness story books, a children’s art desk, and fidget and sensory toys for children with Autism or Asperger’s.

The Children's Listening Place ensures guidance, protection, and help to children and families affected by abuse. The organization coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, child and family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians under one roof.

“I have a heart for the work that The Children’s Listening Place does to help children. One of my true passions in life is helping children,” says Eichhorn. “It’s such an honor to do work for an agency that helps our community!”

Staff from the child abuse center say that they are more than thankful for the generosity from Dupont for all of the supplies they are getting.

“For somebody like Dupont to actually give to us. And then they personally, and all the employees, got together and took up money, and snack donations because we have had a snack and juice drive for the kids.” says Collins. “And they also donated that along with the money, it’s really kind of unbelievable.”

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