NICHOLAS SHOOTING - Nicholas County deputies are investigating a fatal shooting over the weekend. Nathaniel James Wood, 37, of Birch River was found dead about 4 p.m. Saturday with a gunshot wound to the neck at a home on Hookersville Road, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

Deputies said Nicol Petrey, 42, of Hookersville Road is accused of killing Wood, but no charges have been filed as the incident is believed to be domestic in nature.

No other details were available.

GUN ENCOUNTER - A man has been charged after allegedly pointing a gun at law enforcement before getting into ‘an intense altercation,’ deputies said.

On Aug. 7, deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department arrived on I-79 after they received a BOLO call of a vehicle “driving all over the roadway and failing to maintain its lane,” according to a criminal complaint.

Deputies later found the vehicle at the 110 mile marker on I-79 northbound and “immediately observed the vehicle cross the fog line and center line twice” before deputies activated their cruiser’s emergency lights and siren, deputies said.

The vehicle, driven by Adam Rhodes, 27, of Gary, later stopped at the 111 mile marker. When speaking with Rhodes, deputies “smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle,” and also observed that Rhodes had “bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and appeared to be disoriented searching for his items in the glove box,” according to the complaint.

When a deputy walked around to the driver’s side of the vehicle, Rhodes “then reached under the driver’s seats and pulled a tan Taurus 9mm handgun out, pointing it toward the window” where the deputy stood, deputies said.

At this point, the deputy then pulled his own handgun and ordered Rhodes to “put his gun on the dash multiple times” before Rhodes complied, according to the complaint.

After Rhodes put his hands up, he was assisted out of his vehicle and given a pat-down search, which did not result in deputies finding any weapons. Rhodes then performed a series of field sobriety tests, during which time he “did show impairment,” according to the complaint.

When given a breathalyzer test, Rhodes had “a result of .245 BAC,” deputies said.

Deputies then informed Rhodes he was under arrest for DUI, and “an intense altercation ensued between a deputy and Rhodes,” during which Rhodes “attempted to pull the deputy into oncoming traffic” and “kicked the deputy multiple times.” Rhodes continued to fight even when additional deputies arrived to assist, according to the complaint.

Rhodes has been charged with wanton endangerment.