COVID SURGING IN WV - Some Key Numbers Worse Than A Year Ago

West Virginia’s active Covid cases went up by 1,037 cases the past few days to a total of 4,010, according to state figures released Monday.

Cases are surging in the south and in some mid-west states.

That means in WV a quarter of the current cases are evidence of the surge being fueled by the delta variant of Covid-19.

Gov. Jim Justice repeatedly said Covid-19 could get even worse than it is right now.

Key numbers in West Virginia are worse than they were a year ago, before a vaccine was widely available.

Total active cases were 4,010 in West Virginia today. There were 1,914 this same date last year.

This date last year the state recorded 43 covid-19 patients in intensive care units and 17 who needed ventilators. Today, those numbers were 70 in the ICU and 29 needing ventilators.

Justice noted that all this is happening during the ramp up for school to return. He has said policies on facial coverings for students would be left to local districts.

Of West Virginia’s vaccine-eligible population, ages 12 and above, 56.9 percent are now fully-vaccinated, according to state figures, while other national stats say WV's full-vaccination rate could be near 40%.

Most experts say that at least 70% of the population must be vaccinated to obtain herd immunity, with many US citizens influenced by political memes espousing conspiracy theories.