Magistrate Court cases are listed by Defendant Name. Case year (0000) F-Felony - M-Misdemeanor. Issuing Agency. Offense. Magistrate [RP] Richard G. Postalwait, [LD] Lora N. Davis, [TR] Teresa Robinson Disposition of Case.

CSD - Calhoun County Sheriff's Department
CCP - Calhoun County Prosecutor
MPD - Grantsville Municipal Police Department
DPS - WV Department of Public Safety - State Police
DNR - WV Dept. of Natural Resources Police Officer
DOH - WV Department of Highways
PSC - WV Public Service Commission
DOF - WV Department of Forestry
BOE - Calhoun County Board of Education
DOF - Division of Forestry

Magistrate Court Case Disposition Reports do not include, jail sentences, fines and/or court costs that may be imposed.

Preliminary Hearing Waived = A defendant may decide, after consulting with counsel, to waive the preliminary hearing. This allows the case to proceed to trial (though not immediately).

No Contest Plea = Is essentially a guilty plea saying Defendants are not going to fight the charges against him/her, but are not admitting guilt.

Proceedings Deferred - Deferred Sentence = Proceedings in a criminal case are put-off for a period of time, subject to certain conditions, typically that the defendant not be charged or convicted of other crimes during this period.

July 2021 Felonies

Phillip Jean Giles Robinson - 2021 - CSD. Attempt to acquire controlled substance by fraudulent prescription [RP] Preliminary Hearing waived.

July 2021 Misdemeanors

Christopher Little - 2014 - CCP. Destruction of Property x2. [TR] Dismissed.

Shawn M. Skeens - 2020 - CSD. Knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance without valid prescription. [LD] Dismissed-Deferred sentence.

Michael J. Bowe - 2020 - DNR. Failure to safety strip. [LD] Dismissed.

Tia Ann Woodall - 2020 - DPS. Possession of Marijuana. [LD] Dismissed-Deferred sentence.

Montana Ray Green - 2021 - MPD. Possession of Marijuana <15 grams. [LD] Dismissed-Deferred sentence.

Jesse B. Roberts - 2021 - DPS. Petit Larceny. [RP] Dismissed.

Noah T. Hendricks - 2021 - CSD. MVI violation; No operators. [LD] Dismissed.

Iona Rhodes - 2021 - BOE.Passing stopped school bus. [RP] Proceedings Deferred.

Kristien L. Dodrill - 2021 - CSD. Knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance without valid prescription. [RP] Guilty Plea-agreement.

Kristien L. Dodrill - 2021 - CSD. No insurance; Registration violation. [RP] Dismissed per Plea-agreement.

Tiffany R. Barr - 2021 - Security to keep Peace-Peace Bond. [LD] Probable cause found.

Jason Kyle Conrad - 2021 - CSD. Driving while license revoked-DUI. [LD] Dismissed-Plea agreement.

Jason Kyle Conrad - 2021 - CSD. Obstructing Officer.[LD] No contest per Plea-agreement.

Jacob L. Klapka - 2021 - DPS. Registration violation. [LD] Guilty plea.

Amanda Bryan Hoke - 2021 - DPS. Driving vehicle while impaired state. [RP] Guilty plea.

Amanda Bryan Hoke - 2021 - DPS. Driving while license suspended-revoked-general; No certificate of Insurance; Driving to the left; Registration violation. [RP] Dismissed.

Brice W. Lawson - 2021 - DPS. Domestic Battery. [LD] Guilty plea.

Mildred M. Mathes - 2021 - DPS. No proof of Insurance. [RP] Dismissed.

Shawn Charles Newlon - 2021 - DPS. No proof of Insurance. [RP] Dismissed.

Michael Lee Hannah - 2021 - DPS. Failure to yield; Improper turning. [RP] No contest plea.

Jacob Allen Watkins - 2021 - CSD. Registration violation; MVI violation. [LD] Dismissed.