CALHOUN COUNTY FOOD PANTRY - Failed Notice Causes Major Pantry Problems

On May 22, 2021, Mon Power worked on the power lines supplying power to the area east of Grantsville on Route 5 where the First Baptist Calhoun County Food Pantry is located. The Pantry organizers were not notified of the incident.

Pantry director Donna Umstead said, "When they turned the power back on, there were two power surges (the Power Co. called them bumps) that literally fried the transfer switch to our Generac Generator. The cost to repair it was $740.00 + $80.00 to a local electrician.

We requested a review by Mon Power and the Utilities Commission. They determined that it was not their fault. We were just lucky that a neighbor realized the power was off in the pantry. If we had not been notified, we would have lost 5 freezers full of frozen foods. This repair took money out of our account that would have been used to purchase food for the county residents.

"We just wanted to make the public aware of this issue," said Umstead.