The old Calhoun County High School has been sold yet again.

It was not clear if the final deal had happened, but residents of California have reportedly purchased the property.

They reportedly are buying other buildings in Grantsville, and are moving to the area.

George Kusner, retired from the US Navy, and his wife Sherry, residents of Ligonier PA, purchased the site about 14 years ago, with intentions of preserving the historic structure.

"We loved the old building," said Sherry Kusner.

Recently they put a new roof on the building, and were making structural improvements.

It had been offered for $225,000, according to the Calhoun Realty Facebook page.

It stands like an ancient warrior against ignorance, that outlived its usefulness, crumbling and decaying from within, but its surface holding forth like a great pyramid to be thought about by some future generations making an ancestral visit to these hills.

The old school, for many will represent triumphs, defeats, young love, challenges, changes and the good times of youth.

For others, it will represent a place that launched thousands of young people into a greater word, citizens whose talents and abilities have been sprinkled on communities across America.

The school closed in 1998, and has had numerous owners.