Goldfish Pond

Lily Pond

By Bob Weaver

Julia Bettis (right) an artist who resides in the backwoods of Calhoun County, has been producing artworks for a number of years, displaying and selling the pieces around the USA.

Bettis says, "My art style is neo-impressionism. I gather my inspiration for producing my oil paintings and ceramic sculptures from nature. I do this because nature has great significance to me not only as an artist but as an individual."

"Communion with nature is intrinsic to the well-being of mind and body. Spending time in nature has many benefits including reducing stress, which is linked to many aspects of health. I hope to invoke through my art, a sense of wonder, yearning, and curiosity in the viewer to visit nature for a moment and appreciate it in all it's glory and splendor."

"My art is rooted in a sense of community, to help others achieve a greater sense of well-being mentally, physically and spiritually.It is also my desire for my art to help the audience value nature more and make an effort to protect the environment that we are all a part of more than we may realize. In that sense, my art is a form of activism to stand against unnecessary destruction of nature." ~Julia Bettis

Golden Sunflower

Burnt Sunflower

Emergent Dragon ... Coil Pot

Ceramic Octopus

"My artworks might show subject matter in different lighting when it is at it's peak beauty at that specific time or times of day. Inspired by Monet, who captured objects in different lighting to make the subject even more pleasing to the eye, I enjoy observing nature and bringing some of that essence to the viewer so that they too may observe and imagine with a sense of curiosity and wonder," Bettis said.

Bettis is starting a first term at Massachusetts College of Art and Design this July. She is enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Residency Program, studying Tableware Ceramics and Printmaking.

Koi Fish