With Mississippi’s previous low rankings, it may not be news that it’s still in the last place in the US rankings. It has been in the last place every single year in the past when it comes to their school systems.

They even got the last place for their score in quality of education — or perhaps lack thereof. To make matters worse, in Education Week’s quality counts report, the state received an F for academic achievement and a D for the students’ chance of success.

West Virginia also received some bad news in this year’s rankings. They’ve been in this worst place for the past few years as well. What's worse is that they ranked as one of the worst states for the quality of their educators.

The reason for this has to do with the pressure of the job, insufficient salary, and lack of mobility for their teachers.

These things prompt WVs good ones to quit almost as soon as they land the job. This state-wide issue should be a high priority item to fix.

Things aren’t looking great for Louisiana in terms of its school system. It has the 5th highest school dropout rate, worst math test scores, and 4th worst reading scores in the recent rankings, according to WalletHub.

It even got the 3rd worst ACT scores in the country, which makes Louisiana the third worst-performing state in terms of education in the entire United States of America.

Academic performance isn’t even the worst about their rankings, they also have issues with student safety and ranked 3rd in the highest incidents of bullying in the States.

The quality of education relies heavily on a state’s annual income. The low ranking of Arkansas in terms of education may be due to the fact that it has been one of the poorest states in America.

Their families have low household incomes, which means less tax money is spent on their school systems. In Arkansans, only 47.7% of children live in families with income at least double the poverty level, according to USA Today. This is extremely low compared to the rest of the country.

Based on all of that, the 10 most educated states in the U.S. are: Massachusetts . . . Maryland . . . Connecticut . . . Vermont . . . Colorado . . . Virginia . . . New Jersey . . . New Hampshire . . . Minnesota . . . and Washington.>P> And the 10 least educated are: West Virginia . . . Mississippi . . . Louisiana . . . Arkansas . . . Alabama . . . Kentucky . . . Oklahoma . . . Nevada . . . South Carolina . . . and New Mexico.