MAN SHOT STRANGLING WOMAN - The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office said a female victim was able to shoot a man who was choking her and threatening to kill her.

In a press release put out Sunday evening, the Sheriff’s Office said they along with the West Virginia State Police, responded to the 5900 block of Copley Road around 1 a.m. June 19 in regards to a shooting.

On arrival, they found a man lying on the ground outside the residence with a single gunshot wound.

The man found dead has been identified as 47-year-old John Frame.

Deputies said Frame attacked the victim by striking her in the back of the head and then kicking her while on the ground.

The press release reads, “Mr. Frame then began choking the female while stating to her that he was going to kill her.”

It goes on to state, “The female was able to draw a small handgun from her pocket shooting Frame one time in the chest.”

According to the release, Frame released his hands from her neck and fell to the ground. The victim then called 911 and attempted to render aid deputies said.

Frame was pronounced dead on the scene when the Lewis County EMS arrived.

The Sheriff’s Office said the incident is under investigation.