5-27-2021 UPDATE - The Hur Herald, long pro-active in reporting timely Calhoun news, was unable to get public information regarding a murder-suicide in Calhoun this week, using official sources, while most residents say they get their news on Facebook. - Bob Weaver

WSAZ REPORT - West Virginia State Police said “Peggy” Margaret Osborn, 77, was killed Tuesday in a murder-suicide in rural Calhoun County.

Osborn was at home while the rest of her family traveled to Ohio for a wedding. The only person with her was the person she shared a bedroom with, troopers said, and ended up being the person who murdered her: 55-year-old Thomas Cain.

“We trusted the person who murdered my mother,” Faye Osborn, Peggy’s oldest daughter, said. “We never thought that this would ever ever happen way back in our peaceful home.”

Cain knew the Osborn family from dating one of Peggy’s other daughters years ago, and remained in touch with them as a family friend.

The family had brought Cain in to live with them and work as a ranch hand last summer after he was released from jail for shooting a man in the face in 2017. Cain repaired the long dirt road back to the family’s home and helped Peggy as her health began to decline.

“We trusted him,” Faye said when asked why they let Cain live in their home. “Last summer he stayed in a tent. You know, winter time it got cold (so he moved inside). We were going to set up the tent when we got back home. He loved the wilderness. We thought we were helping him by being out in the woods because his residence was not out in the woods.”

State Police said they were called to the home on the 300 block of Mount Run Road in Rosedale around 8 a.m. Tuesday when the bodies were found. It was not clear when exactly the shooting happened, but Faye said they had last talked with Peggy on Monday night.

Cain shot Peggy inside their bedroom then took his own life outside in the dirt driveway, investigators said. An autopsy was completed on Wednesday in an effort to find some sort of motive for the shooting.

Faye said they don’t have any bad thoughts about Cain because they’re not sure exactly what happened, or if any drugs were involved. She said they thought he was fine and never saw him go back to his old bad habits from before the 2017 shooting.

West Virginia State Police told Faye that her mother was in her pajamas when she was killed, and her body was in a chair that she normally sleeps in.

“I feel she didn’t know what was happening” Faye said about her mother in the incident. “She was asleep. My dad had passed, it was a year ago this past April, and I believe that her and dad are together at peace.” 5-26-2021 - West Virginia State Police are investigating what appears to be a murder-suicide in Calhoun County, according to WCHS-TV.

Troopers said they responded about 8 a.m. Tuesday to a murder on Mount Run Road.

Troopers said they found the body of Margaret Osborn, 77, in the home and the body of Thomas Cain, 55, next to the driveway.

Troopers said a preliminary investigation shows that Cain shot Osborn in the house and then went outside and shot himself.

The bodies of both the suspect and the victim have been taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsies.

Mount Run is a side road off Nicut Road.

The Hur Herald was unable to get public information regarding the incident.

Thomas Cain had been sentenced to one to five years in the state penitentiary for the unlawful wounding by gunshot of Scott Butler in 2017.


ORIGINAL STORY - A man is reportedly dead and his girlfriend injured in an apparent shooting Tuesday.

Authorities have yet to release any information regarding the shooting which happened on Mount Run.

Reportedly the body was discovered by a meter reader.

The name of the deceased is being withheld until it is confirmed.

The body was taken to the Stump Funeral Home.

A medical examiner responded to the incident.

It could not be confirmed if the female was taken to the hospital.

Facebook is reporting the unconfirmed details.