Victor Lee Carpenter, 53, was sentenced to home confinement for not less than two nor more than five years in Calhoun Circuit Court this week, according to Prosecutor Nigel Jefferies.

Charges against Carpenter included malicious assault, kidnapping, assault during an attempt to commit felony, attempt to operate a clandestine drug lab, possession of a controlled substance, conspiracy, accessory, aiding and abetting, and brandishing a deadly weapon.

Charges against Shelbie Denise Lane, 52, was sentenced on a malicious assault charge in the same case to three years probation.

Earlier, a Calhoun jury returned a guilty verdict against Danny Edward Lane, Sr., 58, of Grantsville.

Lane was found guilty of 15 of 17 counts of the indictment, including two counts of kidnapping, according to prosecutor Nigel Jefferies.

He is yet to be sentenced.

At least six Calhoun residents were arrested after the West Virginia State Police and Calhoun Sheriffs Department responded to the call last May 8, related to kidnapping and violent acts committed on two males.

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In other cases this week:

Gary Nicholson entered guilty pleas to "Conspiracy," "Possession with the Intent to Deliver" (x2), and "Prohibited Person in Possession of a Firearm". Sentencing set for July 21, 2021.

Carrie Lynn Ball's plea was accepted by the court and placed on a one year probationary period.

Jeremy Scott Burrow's probation was revoked. Burrows was sentenced to not less than one nor more than five years in the penitentiary for "Possession of a Stolen Vehicle."

George Nicholas Parsons pleaded not guilty to charges with trial set for August 17.

Steven Ray Bell pleaded not guilty to charges with trial set for October 5.

Nicholas Shane Cummings pleaded not guilty to an indictment.

Mark Hall and Whitney Sampson pleaded not guilty to an indictment with trial set for October 5, 2021.

Delbert Ray Tolliver's arraignment was continued.