UPDATE: FALSE CRISIS LEADS TO ROANE COUNTY GAS SHORTAGE - Officials Say Rumor Mongering Creating Problem


Social media fearmongering has let to gasoline shortages in parts of West Virginia and other states, but has yet to rear its head higher than Roane County.

Media is reporting the restart of the Colonial Pipeline is good news for drivers nationwide, but local gas shortages could linger for a few days thanks to panic buyers. Gov. Jim Justice said the Colonial Pipeline issue should not be affecting West Virginia.

After a fuel frenzy the past two days, a Spencer gas station decided to ration its reserve in hopes of helping first responders.

"It brings us back to last year at the beginning of COVID,” Amy Childress, with Handimart, said. “We were in a crisis with no toilet paper and no paper towels, and that’s kind of what it’s compared to when it shouldn’t be this way.”

Roane Countians were scouring the area to buy gasoline to go to work.

“It seems a little strange that we’re not on the pipeline that’s down and people are getting panicky and think they better fill up right away,” Thomas Tosh said. “Some people do have the ability to hoard.”

Handimart, the last station standing, ending up rationing its gas for first responders.

Spencer's problems began on Monday when cars were lined up down the block, with people carrying gas cans, angry people in panic mode.