By Bob Weaver

5-12-2021 - Calhoun Schools confirmed they have been ordered to re-open in-person schooling earlier, after a COVID-19 outbreak last week. Under the recent closure, schools would have re-opened next week anyway.

Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Kelli Whytsell, in responding to the edict, means that schools would open one or two days earlier than already scheduled.

Whytsell Press Release:

I appreciate how hard everyone has worked as we continue to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic. I also want to stress to you that the most important thing is the safety of our students and staff. To accomplish this, I need all of your help.

When students return, we will be reviewing all of the COVID-19 protocols. These are to be enforced. The only exceptions are students with doctor’s notes or severe disabilities that make wearing a mask impossible. Contact tracing is a very time-consuming task, and we need to help nurse Anderson as much as possible by wearing a mask and social distancing.

Calhoun County Schools Return to In-Person Learning:

Students in grades 6-12 return on Friday, May 14th. We will have a few 6th graders still quarantined. They will return on the date given.

Students in grade 5th grade will return on Monday, May 17th.

PHE, except for one K class, will return on Tuesday, May 18th.

I will send out one call tonight for students in grades 6-12.

I will send out one call on Sunday for students in 5th grade

I will send out one call on Monday night for PHE.

The Hur Herald was unable to clarify if the authority to close-open schools rests with county school systems, or if they are subject to state ordered mandates.

The Herald has been unable to determine the reasons why the order was given to Calhoun Schools, which essentially has little impact on re-opening.

COVID-19 watchers told the Herald that such kinds of bureaucratic management of the pandemic often seems meaningless.


5-11-2021 - Calhoun Schools have reportedly been asked by state officials to re-open this week for in-person education, following an outbreak that left several school personnel with COVID-19, resulting in closures last week.

Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Kelli Whytsell said she was in touch with the State Superintendent of Schools about an earlier re-opening of schools this week.

Whytsell said she wanted in-person education as much as anyone.

Last week, COVID-19 outbreaks were reported in the school system, with at least four individuals, staff and students having the disease, with 143 staff and students being quarantined.

Two of the schools had been set to return to next week.

Calhoun County has 40+ active cases, some of them in critical care units.

Whytsell has yet to reply.