WV KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Police Shot Man With Knife

POLICE SHOT MAN WITH KNIFE - Police chief: Officers shot man after he The Charleston Police Department released body cam footage Friday after a man was shot on the city's West Side when officers said he made a lunging movement toward them with a knife.

During a news conference, Charleston Police Chief James “Tyke” Hunt said officers were called to the scene after Denaul Dickerson, 33, allegedly threatened to stab another person.

While officers were trying to identify Dickerson to see if he had warrants, Hunt said the man became agitated, ran into traffic and grabbed a knife. The police chief said Dickerson was shot when he allegedly made a lunging movement at officers. He is in stable condition.

Dickerson can be heard telling officers to shoot him and that he did not want to go back to jail as they moved about two blocks from where the initial encounter began. At least a half dozen officers responded to the call. Hunt said the only officer on scene with a Taser was attempting to get within range when Dickerson allegedly made the lunging movement and five shots were fired.

When asked why more officers didn’t have a Taser, Hunt said not every officer in the department is issued a Taser and the pandemic hampered the department’s ability to get officers certified or recertified to use them.

The shooting is under investigation.