DARK PICTURE: West Virginians Seeking COVID-19 Shots Declined

By Bob Weaver

Its a pretty dark picture.

Gov. Jim Justice announced the percentage of total doses of coronavirus vaccine received and administered in West Virginia has dipped, saying it is “incredibly low” and state after state is now ahead of the Mountain State.

“We don’t have now arms to get them in,” Justice said Friday during a news conference.

Vaccine hesitancy has hit West Virginia.

It's unclear if efforts to convince people to get the shot will work before new virus variants create new problems.

James Hoyer, head of the interagency task force, said the state is at the point now where “supply is above demand. So our efforts now are to continue to educate people and to continue to make it as convenient as possible to get the vaccine."

Events such as an armory shot clinics or even taking vaccines to a coal mine are not drawing expected numbers.

When the vaccine for older Americans and responders peaked in Calhoun, less than 30% received the vaccine. Since the vaccine was opened, including children, it appears that only 7% have received the vaccine.

The more recent announcement of the J&J hold on their vaccine has likely contributed to a decline, epidemiologists saying the shot not doing well is one in a million.

The epidemiologist's say to stop COVID-19 they must reach 85% in US to stop the virus.

Social scientists say Appalachian people have long been reluctant to accept science, now leaning heavily on social media or politicized views. Mountain people hear conspiracy theories that they often cling to.

Others claim COVID-19 has interfered with their personal liberties.