NEW TAX MONEY FROM COMPRESSOR STATION ARRIVING - Commissioners Will Pay-Off Regional Jail Bill, Calhoun To Get $1.38 Million Federal Help

Calhoun Commissioners Hicks, Helmick and Walker have been working on the county budget during the month of March, with the cash-strapped county getting some lift this year with taxes from the Trans-Canada Compressor Station and $1.38 million from the American Rescue Plan.

After a lot of hard work, the TransCanda compressor station was built in Calhoun County, and finally some tax money has come to county coffers.

"After working the budget, the commissioners budgeted $797,557 to pay the outstanding jail bill, although it will not cover all past bills, leaving about $14,000 a month for the upcoming year," said Commissioner Kevin Helmick.

Commissioners expressed relief with the jail bill, and were able to budget enough money for a full-time court house janitor and funds for much needed computer upgrades.

Once a janitor is employed, the plan will be to fully open the courthouse to the public.

With the increased revenue from the compressor station the EMS service, library, and the fire departments will greatly benefit too, due to the levy rate being based on the amount of tax revenues.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with $1.38 million of American Rescue Plan Funds going for some improvement projects for the county, some of which are outlined by the federal government, to be issued this summer.

The COVID relief package will deliver at least $4 billion of vital assistance for West Virginia to rebuild from the health and economic crises in the past year.

Senator Joe Manchin said this is the first time that cities and counties will get direct relief funding from the federal government. This historic investment will allow communities to reinvest in critical services and projects, including creating jobs.


Calhoun $1.38 million
Clay $1.65 million
Gilmer $1.52 million
Roane $2.65 million
Ritchie $1.85 million
Wirt $1.13 million
Braxton $2.71 million