By Veronica Ogbe WDTV

Gilmer County High School has had two bomb threats in less than a week and the most recent is one students and parents weren’t happy about.

Students re-entered their school to find their belongings outside of their lockers. This was shocking to many, but officials say it was necessary.

When students came back in from the bomb threat, their lockers were emptied and personal items on the floor. This had parents, like Hilary Miller, concerned after hearing about the incident from her daughter.

“Her wallet was left on the floor, which contained my personal information because they carry that for their necessities,” said Miller.

Miller’s daughter claims that they were instructed to place all of their personal belongings in their lockers before exiting the high school while law enforcement and student officials handled the threat.

“It sounded like it was a free for all up there. So basically, no respect was given to the kids,” Miller continued.

Law enforcement and school officials handled the threat and according to the principal of the high school and the superintendent, this was a necessary action they had to take. “This was a more intense search because of the language that was used and the students that have been here have been through this,” superintendent, Patricia Lowther said. “So it was shocking when they returned and saw belongings on the floor, but they were not thrown everywhere. They were in a pile in front of the lockers,” she said.

However, Miller said she believes this was still no way to handle the situation.

“When you toss someone’s locker, and you throw all of their personal belongings on the ground, even down to their wallets, feminine hygiene products were emptied out on the floor, you’ve really crossed a line at that point.”

The principal also told me that the most recent bomb threat is still under investigation and when speaking with law enforcement, they said they don’t have a bomb squad, but they have access to those experts if they feel the situation is that extensive and in case they did not.