AMERICAN PICKERS COMING TO WV IN APRIL - Contacted The Hur Herald To Help Spread The Word


The History Channel's famous show 'American Pickers' is coming back to West Virginia, in April of this year ... the show is looking for leads throughout the state, specifically interesting characters with interesting items and lots of them!

They would love to spread the word in our area. The way the show finds people and collections for the show is through spreading the word far and wide so that people know they're coming to town.

Mike and Danielle

Maggie, from the show says, "We understand that with the proliferation of COVID-19, we are all facing very uncertain times and everything is changing daily. We at American Pickers are taking this pandemic very seriously and will be adjusting our schedule accordingly for the safety of those who appear on our show and our crew."

"We won’t pick unless everybody is safe, so if we cannot make those dates, nobody’s time is wasted as we will re-schedule to a date when conditions allow filming. However, we are excited to continue to reach the many collectors in West Virginia to discuss their years of picking! If you feel it appropriate, we really hope The Hur Herald is able to help us let the people in your backyards know!"

Editors Note: We at the Hur Herald, longtime viewers of the show, are proud to have received a phone call from the American Pickers staff in the Bronx NY, asking us to help promote the show coming back to WV.

For more information on how to contact American Pickers click   here

or call 855-OLD-RUST (1-855-053-7878)

or visit them on facebook at GotAPick